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WAVE Magnet Program

Gifted and Talented Magnet Schools for Grades 6-8

WAVE (Webster Academy Visions in Education) is a magnet school for identified gifted and talented learners at the intermediate level. CCISD has two WAVE locations - WAVE North at Westbrook Intermediate and WAVE South at League City Intermediate.

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WAVE North Schedule

WAVE South Schedule

Why Choose WAVE?

WAVE offers academics, mini-courses, independent study, WAVE Basics class and acceleration in mathematics. Differentiated, interdisciplinary instruction in language arts, science, social studies, and mathematics are offered by highly trained teachers and staff in a learning community that focuses on the nature and needs of adolescent gifted learners. At WAVE, students have the opportunity to interact with their intellectual peers from across the district and participate in fine arts, athletics and student activities. Focusing on student strengths and the nature and needs of the GT population, WAVE provides the nurturing environment necessary for the development of creative, confident leaders. The unique instructional design of WAVE is intended to address the academic, social and emotional needs of students identified as gifted and talented. WAVE also helps students to understand themselves and assists them in the development of social relationships. Some of the unique attributes of WAVE are as follows:

  • Differentiated, inter-disciplinary, challenging academic classes

  • Curriculum tied to universal themes and real-world issues

  • Advanced-level, real-world products and activities

  • Acceleration in mathematics as needed

  • Advanced technology integrated throughout coursework

  • Sixth Grade WAVE Basics Class for cognitive, physical, social/emotional and leadership development

  • WAVE mini-course opportunities based on the research of Renzulli, Kaplan, and Williams

  • Independent study

  • Awareness of the social and emotional needs of gifted students

  • Highly trained staff

Of all the unique approaches to learning utilized in WAVE, the most essential is the focus on interdisciplinary studies. WAVE curriculum is issues-based, team-taught, interdisciplinary academic instruction centered around universal concepts. Teachers emphasize the commonalities that transcend content areas and approach these commonalities in a holistic manner. In addition to meeting students’ academic needs to explore topics in greater depth and complexity, an interdisciplinary approach meets students’ affective needs, as well.

One of the research-based approaches to meeting the needs of gifted learners is providing access to enriching learning experiences that the individual student selects. These mini-courses are not grade-specific, but rather interest specific and allow students in grade 6 through 8 to learn together. Mini-courses are taught by WAVE teachers and community members with a unique skill or talent.