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Voters Support Clear Creek ISD Propositions

Voters Support Clear Creek ISD Propositions

The Clear Creek Independent School District earned the community’s support for three important propositions in the November 7 Election. Propositions A, B and C each passed by plurality vote, according to the unofficial vote results. 

Proposition A passed with 59.25% for and 40.75% against, Proposition B passed with 55.49% for and 44.51% against, and Proposition C passed with 54.05% for and 45.95% against. 

“These propositions ensure the District remains a safe place to learn and work, students have access to the programs and technology that allow them to explore their interests, and Clear Creek ISD is able to recruit and retain quality teachers and staff,” said Karen Engle, Superintendent of Schools. 

As a result of the election, Clear Creek ISD voters agreed to share three of their 17-cent school property tax rate reduction back with the school district to continue to fund school safety, salaries, inflation, and student programs. Additionally, two bond propositions equaling $302 million allows CCISD to conduct capital and technology improvements across the District. The bond propositions will not result in a tax rate increase.

“In Clear Creek ISD, we believe education is a partnership with parents and the community. The outcome of this election reinforces that commitment,” said Arturo Sanchez, CCISD School Board President. “We are thankful to everyone who took time to learn about the importance of these propositions and voted in this election. The board remains focused on fiscal transparency and using tax dollars responsibly. We will continue to challenge ourselves to look at ways to increase revenue and reduce expenditures where possible."  

The three propositions were developed by citizen-led committees, the Facility Advisory Committee and the CCISD Strategic Budget Team. The propositions were also endorsed by the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership, the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Vote Yes for CCISD volunteer organization.

Click here to view the official election results of the November 7 Election. To learn what capital and technology projects will be conducted at a campus, visit


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