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Holiday Surprise for a Clear Creek ISD Staff Member

Lillian Closs, CCISD crossing guard, was surprised by families for the holidays.

Parents getting their kids to class, people commuting to work and students racing home after school. However, there’s one constant at the intersection.

“We want to recognize Ms. Lillian because she is amazing,” said Andi Fabling, a Clear Creek ISD parent. “My kids make me roll down the windows so they can say hi. She

waves at everybody with so much enthusiasm.”

Lillian Closs is in her sixth year as a crossing guard for CCISD. But she is so much more to the people in the neighboring communities.  

“You could be having a bad day and you drive by her and you can’t help but smile and just have a little more light in your day,” Fabling said. 

In December, residents of the Hidden Lakes neighborhood came together and started a GoFundMe to give back to Lillian this holiday season. A total of $3,500 was raised for her in just a few weeks.

“We’re really hoping we can brighten her day half as much as she’s brightened ours,” Fabling said. “We just wanted to show her how grateful we are for her and how much she’s blessed us every day.”

Residents gathered on December 16 to surprise Lillian with the check and show their appreciation for all she does.

“I’m overwhelmed, and I don’t deserve any of this,” Lillian said. “I never thought I would have this kind of impact. I remember how stressful it was for me, getting two kids ready for school, and if I had just been able to see smiling face, maybe my days could have gone better. I’m hoping and praying my mom in heaven is proud of me and I did something right and is proud of me now because you guys are proud of me.”

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