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Donation from Rotary Club of Seabrook to Enhance Police Response for CCISD

Donation from Rotary Club of Seabrook to Enhance Police Response for CCISD

The Rotary Club of Seabrook has generously donated more than $8,000 to the Seabrook Police Department to procure active shooter supplies with planned requirements to utilize this equipment across the Lakeview Police Department serving El Lago and Taylor Lake Village. These supplies are essential to the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) program. These departments are now equipped with this essential equipment, enhancing their capacity to respond effectively to potential active shooter scenarios in the Clear Creek Independent School District.

A planned active shooter drill between Seabrook Police Department, Lakeview Police Department and the Clear Creek Independent School District will be held this summer utilizing the new equipment at a Seabrook school.

“CCISD is grateful for the continued partnership with our area law enforcement agencies to ensure our children and staff are safe every day,” said Elaina Polsen, Chief Communications Officer. “We have already held several planning meetings on the upcoming drill which will also allow school officials to test its emergency response and reunification plans.”

The department plans to spearhead a united front by partnering with area agencies responding to regional calls, thus building a unified team approach to training and command structures. This initiative intends to construct a standard response system using common training and equipment to maximize effectiveness.

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