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Clear Creek ISD Celebrates 2023 Substitutes of the Year

Clear Creek ISD Celebrates 2023 Substitutes of the Year

The Clear Creek Independent School District is pleased to announce the 2023 Substitute Employees of the Year.

James Healy from Goforth Elementary, George Thompson from Bayside Intermediate, and Sylas Anderson from Clear Brook High School were surprised by staff members for the announcement.

“The Substitute Employee of the Year award enables CCISD to help cultivate a nurturing work environment where employees are encouraged to put service to others over themselves,” said CCISD Substitute Coordinator Verna Henry.

The three substitutes were celebrated for their impact on the campuses they support. Mr. Healy is always looking out of students and staff at Goforth Elementary. Healy arrives early to support Goforth with arrival and checks the exit doors before school starts. Mr. Thompson, a retired teacher from Oregon, substitutes as an aide where he believes he can make the greatest impact on students. Thompson cares deeply for his students and is highly respected by parents, staff, and students alike. Mr. Anderson is a long-term substitute for robotics, stepping in to fill the shoes of his late father. Anderson lead the Clear Brook High School CHIPS robotic team to a third-place finish in the State with an advance to the Worlds Championship. 

The district continues to look for caring adults who want to work with students in various substitute roles. Visit for a list of opportunities.

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Below are the individual campus 2022-2023 Substitute Employees of the Year:



High School

Armand Bayou, Julia Padilla

Bayside, George Thompson

Clear Brook, Sylas Anderson

Bauerschlag, Lisa Quinn

Brookside, Maldrick Bright

Clear Creek, Dede MacPherson

Bay, Hannah Pierce

Clear Creek, Velita Ellis

Clear Falls, Corey Smith

Brookwood, Hina Nabi

Clear Lake, Sujatha Thakker

Clear Horizons, Matthew Hild

Campbell, Kelli Parker

Creekside, Christine "MJ" Sapp

Clear Lake, Matthew Likely

Clear Lake City, Lydia Najar

League City, Jessica Boudreaux

Clear Springs, Pamela Crawford

Falcon Pass, Craig Harland

Seabrook, Magen Rathbone

Clear Path, Norma Allen

Ferguson, Angela Guidry

Space Center, Audra Kirk

Clear View, David Marks

Gilmore, Melissa Rojas

Victory Lakes, Jamie Owens


Goforth, Jim Healy

Westbrook, Deborah


Greene, Sharon Hale



Hall, Shaune Munro



Hyde, Gail Smith



Landolt, Miriam Iqbal



League City, Nora Barragan



McWhirter, Raquel Reams



Mossman, Amy Baecker



North Pointe, Veronica Hernandez



Parr, Kristen Stewart



Robinson, Vicki Mangum



Ross, Michelle Acevedo



Stewart, Yamilda Cruz Cordero



Ward, Betty Coker



Weber, Timi LeCroy Barkman



Wedgewood, Bhawani Tamminana



Whitcomb, Samantha Perez



Ed White, Debbie Liggett





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