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Clear Creek ISD Adopts Lowest Tax Rate in 30 Years

The Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees adopted the District’s lowest tax rate in 30 years at the September 27, 2021, regular meeting. The 2021 total adopted rate is $1.1797 per $100 taxable value, which is a decrease of 8.62 cents from last year.

The tax rate consists of two components, the maintenance and operations tax rate of $.8897 and the
interest and sinking tax rate of $0.29. The maintenance and operations rate is a result of TEA’s Maximum Compressed Rate calculation and is the lowest possible rate without incurring financial penalties.

Taxable property values have seen an increase of 9% from last year. The school district sees the majority of taxable values from single family residences, which make up 72,549 total accounts.

The Board gave taxpayers the opportunity to discuss the proposed rate during a public hearing held before the August 2021 regular meeting. The 2021-2022 general fund budget of more than $371 million was also approved at the August meeting which included a 3% salary increase for all employees and an increase in the District’s health insurance premium contribution.

Click here to view the presentation at the Board Meeting

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