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CCISD Athletic Hall of Honor Welcomes in the Class of 2022

CCISD Athletic Hall of Honor Welcomes in the Class of 2022

The CCISD Athletic Hall of Honor inducted its newest members at a ceremony and reception on September 17, 2022. The distinguished alumni were surrounded by friends and family as their legacy of accomplishments was celebrated as the seventh class of the CCISD Athletic Hall of Honor.

With the track and football field of CCISD Challenger Columbia Stadium as the backdrop, two coaches, eight athletes and two teams were inducted as the Class of 2022. Honorees are chosen by a special selection committee for bringing distinction, honor and excellence to themselves, their alma mater and community.

Click here to view photos from the Athletic Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony and Reception.


The Athletic Hall of Honor is a 501c(3) established in 2016 and each year encompasses a specific era, folding in CCISD high schools as they were created. To qualify for induction in 2022, the nominees must have been a graduate of Webster, Clear Creek, Clear Lake or Clear Brook high schools between the years of 1948 and 1997.  

More than 250 people were in attendance at this year’s special celebration, many who traveled long distances to celebrate the honorees and the District’s rich past in athletics. Former CCISD Athletic Director and Athletic Hall of Honor Board member Debbie Fuchs served as the Master of Ceremonies this year.

“The 2022 event was truly a celebration of accomplished individuals who shined in high school and then continued to do so in their lives,” said CCISD Athletic Hall of Honor Board President Dede MacPherson. “Each year, I am incredibly moved by the stories told by the coaches, athletes and teams who bring our history and memories to life for all in attendance.”

The following individuals were inducted as the Class of 2022:

Coach Honorees:

Lanny Landtroop*, Clear Creek High School, 1966-1972, Clear Lake High School, 1972-1986 (Swimming)

Janis Balsamo, Clear Lake High School, 1979-2004 (Golf)


Student Athlete Honorees:

Charles “Chuck” Trcka Jr.*, Clear Creek High School, 1958 (Basketball, Baseball, Football)

Margaret Spence McGraw, Clear Lake High School, 1983 (Volleyball, Basketball)

Kristina Predmore Godina, Clear Lake High School, 1984 (Volleyball, Golf)

Ellie Gibson, Clear Lake High School, 1985 (Golf)

Shad Smith, Clear Creek High School, 1985 (Baseball, Football, Basketball)

Richard R. Barnwell*, Clear Lake High School, 1986 (Baseball)

Scott Sheldon , Clear Lake High School, 1987 (Baseball)

Scott A. Jones, Clear Lake High School, 1993 (Swimming)


Team Honorees:

Clear Creek Boys Football
1964 (Season Record 9-1)


Coach: Paul Gips*

Asst. Coaches:

Gene Mears*

Max Blansit*

Ken Daw*

Don Wehmeyer*


Butch Dodson – 1967

W.G. “Snuffy” Walden – 1967

Johnny Valentino – 1965

Joe C. McKinney – 1965

Joe Adams – 1965

Frank Goodman – 1965

John Platzer – 1965

Andrew Merryman – 1965

George Ulrich – 1965

Andy Jarvis – 1965

Donald “Cotton” McKee – 1965

Ralph Mosley – 1965

Gerry Stricklin – 1965

James McWhorter - 1965

Paul Hackett – 1966

Dan W. Gillaspie – 1966

John Siggins – 1966

Mike Milan – 1966

Mike Leach – 1966

Raymond Gillaspie – 1967

Larry Kelly – 1967

Allan Hanson – 1967

Laddie Howard – 1967

Mark Lange – 1967

Edward Meaux – 1967

Mike Milan – 1966

Mike Leach – 1966

Jimmie Cornelius – 1967

Dave Dowlearn* – 1965

Robert Elsen* – 1965

Dennis Powell* – 1965

Mike Lloyd* – 1965

Steve Bauer* – 1965

Bill Bulay* – 1965

Joe Edler* –  1965

Kenneth Hunter* – 1966

Steve Stewart* – 1967

Tommy Sanders* – 1967

Don Cope* – 1967


Clear Lake Boys Swimming
1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 (UIL 5A State Champions)


Jim Dugan – 1981

Ricky Morrow – 1981

Bill Dornbach – 1981

Perry Corke* – 1981

Jim Ammons – 1982

Jim Hansen – 1982

Steven McCann –1982

Mike Lovfald – 1983

Johnny Gonzalez – 1983

Kevin Ruszkowski – 1983

Jim Borkowski – 1983

Scott Fosdick – 1983

Robert Hunt – 1984

Steve Streiff – 1984

Paul Peyton – 1984

Scott Pearson – 1984

Craig David Wakefield – 1987

Bob McAndrew – 1985

Andy Fosdick – 1986

Payton K. Swope – 1986

Bac Nguyen – 1987

Bill Fox – 1981




The Athletic Hall of Honor is grateful to the following supporters for making the event and special recognition of inductees possible:

Founding Sponsors:

Slade Lewis (CCHS, ’89) and Cindy Lewis (CCHS, ’88)

Luis Garcia (CCHS, ’88) and Family

Champion Sponsors:

Joe C. McKinney (CCHS, ’65) and Jennifer McKinney (CCHS, ’67)

Robert Garriott (CCHS, ’75)

Platinum Sponsors:

Kathleen Trcka Taylor (CCHS, ’60) and Hugh Taylor (CCHS, ‘59)

Home Town Bank of League City

Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union

Lyssa McBride Seale (CCHS, ’86)


Nominations are now open for the Class of 2023. Click here for more information.

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