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CCISD Approves FY22 Budget

The Board of Trustees for the Clear Creek Independent School District approved a general fund budget of $371,252,896 for the 2022 fiscal year. During a public hearing held before the regular meeting, the Board also gave taxpayers the opportunity to discuss a proposed $1.1797 new tax rate, which would be lower than the previous tax rate by more than $0.08. The proposed tax rate will be voted on at the September 27, 2021 board meeting.

The approved budget was impacted by several major factors including, but not limited to, an increase in local tax revenue of $5.6 million resulting from property value growth of over 8%. However, property value growth is limited under Texas HB 3 to 2.5% so value growth above that mark triggers an automatic reduction of the maintenance and operation tax rate.

Of the new proposed tax rate, the Maintenance and Operations tax rate would be reduced by $0.0462 and the Interest and Sinking tax rate reduced by $0.04 for a combined tax rate reduction of $0.0862.

The budget is $784,170 above last year’s budget which includes $12.5 million in additions to educational and operational expenditures including salary and benefits increases as well as additional special education personnel. This increase was offset by $11.7 million in reductions of educational and operational expenditures achieved primarily through using Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds to offset expenditures.

The District’s budget priorities for the next year included providing optimal and targeted levels of funding and staffing for improved student achievement; administering competitive salaries and benefits for employees; continuing to fund the safe and secure schools program including student support and counseling services; and maintaining designated disaster recovery reserves and continuing capital and contingency fund reserves.

At the July 26, 2021 regular meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the FY 2021-2022 benefits and compensation plan which included a 3% salary increase for all employees and an increase in the District’s health insurance premium contribution for employees.

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