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Special Services Destruction of Records Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that Clear Creek Independent School District, Office of Special Services intends to destroy the records of all students who exited its Special Education, Dyslexia, and Section 504 Programs during the 2014-2015 school years.

In accordance with state laws, records are maintained for seven years after the student exits the Special Education, Dyslexia, and Section 504 Programs.

These records will be destroyed unless the parent/guardian or eligible (adult) student notifies the school district otherwise. Records not requested by 4:30 PM, Central Time, September 1, 2022, will be destroyed. With proof of identity, the parent/guardian or eligible (adult) student may request a copy of the records by mail.

The written request for records scheduled for destruction must include the following information:

  • Student’s full legal name
  • Student’s Date of Birth
  • Date services ended
  • Name and relationship of person requesting copies
  • Statement indicating that there is no legal action against you that prohibits your rights to the records
  • Signature and date (adult student or legal guardian)
  • Mailing address the copies should be sent to or
  • Contact information (phone number, email address) for notification when the records are ready to be picked up

A valid picture ID must be presented at the time records are picked up.

Mail signed requests to:

Clear Creek Independent School District
Office of Special Services - Records
2903 Falcon Pass
Houston, TX 77062


After September 1, 2022, all records will be destroyed in accordance with state law.

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