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Profiles of a CCISD Graduate: David Dry

One word to describe David Dry is dedicated. He has been dedicated to his basketball team and excelling in academics at Clear Creek High School the past four years. He has also devoted his extra time, money and energy to trying to make the world a better place.

“My dad just always pushed me to want to do well in anything I set my mind to,” David said. “He wanted the best for me and my brother. I just always wanted to make sure that anything I did, I put my heart into it.”

When he was just 14 years old, David and his friend had the idea to start a clothing brand that would help make a difference in the community after having a successful Christian devotional YouTube channel for a few years. However, this came with some initial challenges.

“We both were just really busy in our sports, and it is also so expensive to start a clothing line, so things just kind of fell off,” he said. “But it was always in the back of my mind and on my heart to do it.”

So, after saving his money for two years working at a local hospital, David decided it was time to test the waters with his brand and designs.

“It was really intimidating, because I didn’t know if kids were going to like it at all,” he said. “But this year, two of my best friends mentioned they wanted to start a clothing business and so we teamed up and got the ball rolling.”

The brand, DTTTK or Devoted to the True King, has a special meaning behind it with the ultimate goal of giving back to people in need.

“The idea was to have a simple logo that goes with everything,” David said. “Whenever people look at it, they see a bunch of letters and wonder what it means. It then gives those who are wearing it who might be scared to branch out and start a conversation the opportunity to meet new people when someone asks them what it stands for.”

He stated that he struggled a lot being shy when he was younger, but his time growing up volunteering in church gave him a passion to help others and fueled his hidden entrepreneurial spirit. 

“It has been incredible seeing people wearing our clothing all over school and not being afraid to talk to others,” he said. “I have even had some sales through social media with people in other states.”

David has donated money from sales and clothing to multiple initiatives, including helping to feed children in foster care during Thanksgiving and sending merchandise to the homeless population in Houston. He also has had some interactions with fellow teens that have stuck with him.

“It’s always interesting because the people who have the least oftentimes are the ones ready to give the most,” he said.

He mentioned that since starting this business, there have been two major things he has learned from the experience.

“On the business side, there are so many rules and regulations that you have to make sure you follow legally,” he said. “I had to learn how to do stuff like taxes and write-offs. So that’s been incredible learning all of that.”

As for the lifestyle side of what he learned, he said simply just the impact you can have on people by starting a brand like this has been so fulfilling.

“Seeing how moved my parents are by what we’ve done has really been one of the most rewarding experiences through this,” he said.

David hopes to expand his knowledge and grow the company while in business finance next year at Texas A&M University.

“The end goal for the clothing brand is to eventually be able to start a mission center or a church,” David said. “We will see what God’s plans are for me.”

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