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Elementary Lunch Sign up

It is with great enthusiasm that we will reopen elementary school cafeterias to visitors on February 7, 2022. On behalf of the elementary principals and staff, thank you for your patience while we restricted visitor access to cafeterias.

As Dr. Eric Williams shared previously, Clear Creek ISD will move to Stage 4 from Stage 3 on Monday, February 7, 2022, and our lunchrooms will reopen to a set number of visitors.

It has been almost two years since we have had our students enjoy lunch with their parents or guardians and we want to make this experience memorable for all. Since it has been a long time, I would like to share the process for lunch visitors.

  • Any visitor must be registered as an authorized contact for the child. If the visitor is not noted in Skyward Family Access as a contact or authorized lunch visitor, he or she will not be allowed to have lunch. Please take this time to check your contacts in Skyward Family Access.
  • Parents will have a designated area to have lunch with their children. As previously, other students will need to remain with their classmates.
  • Each school will communicate the lunch period times with parents as those have changed over time.

To help facilitate parent visitor requests, Clear Creek ISD is launching an online sign-up system. The online system will allow the school to prepare for the number of visitors in the lunchroom and provide the designated space. This will also expedite the check-in process at the school.

Only the primary contact, the person who normally fills out school forms, can sign into the online reservation system and make an appointment for himself or herself or a designated guest.

We are planning for ten visitors per grade level, which is higher than our historical lunch visitor average. In the event the list on a given day exceeds ten visitors per grade level, interested visitors should still contact the school to see if accommodation can be made. The online form link is below, and it will also be accessible on the district’s website at and your school website.

We look forward to resuming this tradition in Clear Creek ISD. Please see below for frequent questions. Also, please feel free to contact your school if you have specific questions regarding lunch visitors.

Sign-up Form for Elementary Lunch Visitors

Elementary Lunch Visitor App Instructions


Questions and Answers

Q. When will parents be permitted to have lunch with students?

February 7, 2022, parents, or guardians will be able to have lunch with their children by making an online appointment. The link is here.

Q. How many people will be allowed in the cafeteria for lunch visits?

Ten (10) visitors per grade level will be allowed. This is a total of 60 visitors per day for lunch which is higher than the average number of visitors per day pre-COVID-19.

Q. How many visitors can one student have per day?

To allow for as many children to have parent visitors, we request only one guest per online sign up. If you need to have more than one visitor, please contact the school directly for accommodation. The online system will only allow one visitor per student.

Q. Who can be allowed to make a lunch appointment?

The primary contact on the student’s educational record is the only person who can make an appointment. The primary contact may be making an appointment for himself or herself or making an appointment for another contact.

Q. What about intermediate and high school students?

Parents normally do not attend lunch for intermediate and high school students. If this is desired, please contact your child’s school for accommodation.

Q. What COVID-19 protocols will be in place during eating times?

Social distancing as practicable will be in place at elementary schools and social distancing designated areas will remain available at intermediate and high schools.

Q. Where will parents eat with their children?

As has been our practice pre-COVID-19, there will be designated areas for parents to sit with their children for lunch. All other classmates will remain with their class in the cafeteria.

Q. Can parents sign others to have lunch with their student like a grandparent?

Yes, through the online form, parents will be asked to list the person who is attending.

Q. Can a parent sign up for more than one lunch per week?

We may eventually get to that point, however, at the beginning, parents will have the opportunity to sign up for lunchtime once per week with the ability to reserve future days. This is to allow as many parents as possible the opportunity to have lunch with their children to keep with the 60 visitors per day number for lunch.

Q. I went to sign up and the system said there were no times available, and it is my child’s birthday.

Please contact the school directly as they will try to accommodate personal requests such as these.

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