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Laptop Cleaning Guidelines

Laptop Cleaning Guidelines

General guidelines for cleaning or disinfecting student or staff laptops and other electronic devices

CCISD-issued staff and student laptops can be cleaned and disinfected like many other personal electronic devices. Below are some precautions and tips when cleaning district-issued and personal devices:

DON’T use harsh cleaners and disinfectants like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or abrasives. These can permanently damage plastic surfaces and LCD screens. Wipes that contain up to 70% isopropyl alcohol (like many brands of disinfecting wipes) can be used to gently disinfect surfaces as needed.

DON’T put cleaning liquids directly onto the device. Lightly dampen the cleaning cloth first and then wipe down the device’s surfaces.

  • Unplug and turn off the device prior to cleaning.
  • Use a soft lint-free cloth to clean the device. Micro-fiber towels work best. Avoid abrasive cloth or paper towels as they can leave lint or debris on or in the device that can damage components.
  • Be careful to avoid getting moisture or cleaning solutions into openings like power plugs, headphone jacks, and under keyboard keys.
  • Avoid excessive pressure when wiping down the device.