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For the Love of All Things Science

Clear Creek ISD has a desire to nurture and grow a student population dedicated to the exploration and cultivation of science both in school and beyond.

The Science Magnet Program is a unique, science-focused magnet program offered at Seabrook and Brookside intermediate schools for students in grades sixth through eighth. While enhancing the core curriculum for all students, the Science Magnet Program offers exclusive, concentrated, science electives to those students enrolled in the program.

The courses and focused learning environment offer students with a true love of science the opportunity to be challenged, explore scientific inquiry, and have a choice in learning all while enjoying a regular school experience. Students exhibiting a strong desire to learn and to be challenged are encouraged to apply for the program as they enter intermediate school. The application-based program is open to all students within Clear Creek ISD regardless of their zoned campus. The application process opens in November annually for incoming sixth-grade students for the upcoming school year.

This rigorous three-year program develops critical life-long learning skills, encourages social development, and prepares students for high school as well as their future careers.

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Overview of the Science Magnet Program

The Science Magnet Program is three years of science focused curriculum available to CCISD intermediate students. In addition to the core curriculum (Math, English, Social Studies, Fine Arts), Science Magnet students take exclusive semester-long science electives. Throughout the year, students have access to a variety of opportunities to engage in real-world science application through strong community collaboration partnerships with partners such as the Armand Bayou Nature Center, the Galveston Bay Foundation, and Johnson Space Center.

Not to be confused with the WAVE program at Westbrook and League City intermediate schools, the Science Magnet Program focuses its curriculum on engaging, in-depth, S.T.E.M. courses and experiences. While both programs offer a fast-paced, rigorous, upper-level curriculum, the WAVE program supports the Gifted and Talented students with a broad accelerated curriculum.

The core curriculum of both Brookside and Seabrook is the same. The only variance is the clubs, community partnerships, and facilities available at the campuses. The following provides insight into which intermediate campuses attend which Science Magnet program, as well as campus-specific clubs and activities.

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The Science Magnet program is open to all families living within the CCISD boundaries. Students do not have to live within the zoning boundaries for Brookside or Seabrook intermediate schools to enroll in the program. The District's ten intermediate schools have been pre-assigned an attendance campus based on general proximity and transportation to either Brookside or Seabrook intermediate schools.

Families with fifth graders currently enrolled in private school, homeschool, or a Montessori program can apply if they live within CCISD district boundaries. If accepted into the program, enrollment in CCISD is required starting the sixth-grade year.

Interested families will apply in November of their student's fifth-grade year. Families will apply online or application packets can be picked up from counselors at each elementary campus. The application includes a general information share, teacher recommendations, parent recommendations, parent approval forms, and student short answer questions.

Science Magnet class experience at Seabrook Intermediate

CCISD hosts parent meetings at both schools to review the program in-depth and answer questions before the application process opens. Elementary school counselors as well as the Science Magnet Liaisons are a great resource to answer questions for interested families.

The Science Magnet Program is designed to accommodate 100 students per grade level. Each enrollment season, 100 students are accepted at Brookside and Seabrook intermediate schools. The initial acceptance letters are mailed in mid-January of the fifth-grade year. If space is still available for the upcoming school year, a second round of acceptance letters will be mail.