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Intra-District Student Transfer Requests

Clear Creek ISD follows the neighborhood school concept. In most cases, where a student resides determines the schools the student will attend. Any student, kindergarten through twelfth grade, who wishes to attend a CCISD school outside of his or her attendance zone must complete an Intra-District Student Transfer Request and obtain District approval to change schools.

Procedure for Intra-District Transfer Request

The transfer request must be completed online by clicking the link below. Parents or guardians requesting an intra-district transfer must complete the form. Transfer requests must be approved by the principals of the home and receiving schools and the superintendent’s designee before a student may change schools. There are several conditions that impact approval of the transfer and and continuation of the transfer:

  • There is space available at the receiving campus
  • The student must maintain prompt and regular attendance
  • The student must maintain good behavior

The District may delay a decision when  a delay is necessary to properly consider relevant information, enrollment projections and operational needs. Click here to review the CCISD Board Policy on Intra-District Transfers.