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CCISD Alerts Feed

The Safety NETwork

CCISD believes each person deserves to be physically and emotionally safe. To this extent, the District has developed a comprehensive school safety program. This program includes: 

  • A robust team of School Liaison Officers (SLOs) from the Galveston County Sheriff Department and school security personnel.
  • Counseling, youth mental health support, and drug and alcohol prevention education.
  • A full time staff who monitor surveillance cameras and work with area law enforcement officers on matters of safety.
  •  An anonymous two-way encrypted tip reporting system that allows students and staff to report concerns including bullying, school threats, drug activity, etc. 
  • Training of staff and students on the Clear Creek ISD Standard Response Protocol in the event of a school emergency.
  • A state-of-the-art mass communication system to provide families, staff, and the community timely and frequent information in the event of an emergency. 

CCISD Alerts App

In the event of an emergency, the Alerts Feed section of the website above will be updated with important information.

Clear Creek ISD is offering a mobile app for download today. This app will push important alerts to the community. This is a great way for area businesses, media and community members to receive school or weather alerts.

CCISD Standard Response Protocol 

The school district has adopted a national protocol so that whenever a student, staff or community member hears the word they will know exactly what to do. 

The community is encouraged to join CCISD in learning the terminology and actions of the Standard Response Protocol, which was developed by the I Love You Guys Foundation

Standard Response Protocol. Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter and

Learn the Terminology

Emergency Communication & Reunification

In the event of an emergency, parents will be notified through the CCISD Communications Office. The district will call, email or text parents with information just to reassure them that their children are safe and no action or response is necessary. Refrain from using your cell phone on or near school property in an emergency. This is not intended to keep you from contacting your child, but rather to keep the cell and data lines clear for communication among emergency responders. 

In certain cases, the District may have to initiate a reunification between students and staff. The goal is to make sure each students goes from the caring hands of a staff member to their parents, guardians or emergency contacts as quickly as possible. Please update all emergency contact information in Skyward Family Access. 

Standard Reunification Method Guide

If you do not currently receive text messages from Clear Creek ISD and would like to receive emergency communication via SMS text messaging, send a text which says “Y” or “Yes” or “Opt-in” or “Subscribe” to 67587. The cell phone number must have been on record in Skyward Family Access.

Parents may register a student’s cell phone number to receive emergency text messages in grades 6-12. Parents may do this by clicking on “Online Forms” in their Skyward Family Access Account. Make sure you inform your child as he or she will need to accept the text message invitation which will be sent within 48 hours of registration. This form of communication will only be used to provide students important instructions.

All CCISD employees must have their correct number entered in the Emergency Cell Phone field of their Employee Access Account to receive emergency text messages. There may be times when emergency messages are directed to employees only, which is why it is recommended for employees who are also parents in Clear Creek ISD to register as both a parent and an employee.

School Safety Training Course Graphic

School Safety Training Course

CCISD is committed to keeping students, staff and volunteers safe. As a CCISD volunteer, you are encouraged to take the CCISD School Safety Training Course which covers the District’s Standard Response Protocol, Communication and Reunification and Behavioral Health & School Safety.

Take the Course

Anonymous Tip Reporting System

CCISD has partnered with the Anonymous Alerts System to offer our community a way to send in tips to investigate. This system has been instrumental in preventing school incidents, addressing cyber-bullying and bullying, and building a culture of upstanders. This patented system allows for a person to submit a tip anonymously and allows the administrator to respond through an encrypted system to maintain anonymity. The tip system works best when the app is downloaded or can be accessed through a web-based reporting system. 

To send a report from your phone:
• Download the 'Anonymous Alerts app' for free from the Apple Store, Google Play store, or the Chrome store
• Start the App and enter activation code: clearcreekisd
• Send important reports to school officials.
• Add a screenshot, photo or video about the incident
To send a report from your computer/web browser:
• Visit and fill out the necessary information


Additional Resources

CCISD Safety Committee

This Clear Creek Independent School District School Safety Committee was formed following the tragedy at Santa Fe High School and its work continues today as now required under Texas law. The Safety Committee is an advisory council to the CCISD Board of Trustees and includes staff, students, parents and law enforcement agencies. 

The School Safety Committee met during the summer of 2022 to develop recommendations to improve student and staff safety.

2022 School Safety Advisory Committee - Recommendations Report

Learn more about meeting dates and minutes

Gun Safety