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School Libraries

CCISD school libraries are the hub of learning, creating and imagining.

Clear Creek ISD school libraries are the heart of every campus, serving the instructional goals of the CCISD learning community and inspiring the love of reading. Every campus library provides a deep and wide variety of products and services in both print and electronic mediums.

Destiny Library Catalog: Your Own Bookshelf at Your Fingertips

Discover what your school library has to offer through the Destiny Library Catalog. Students and teachers may access their individual Destiny accounts through the SSO portal from any computer or mobile device to search for books and resources available. Guest access may also be found at the link below.

Library Catalog

Librarian Contact List

Library Materials Policy

The CCISD school board has updated our policy regarding elementary libraries to emphasize the important role parents play in determining the right book choices for their children.

Policy EFB requires parental permission for students to access library materials about human sexuality at elementary schools. This permission form is automatically defaulted to “no” unless a parent selects “yes” through Skyward Family Access. When logging into Skyward Family Access, click on the “Online Forms” link and make your determination. Again, the form has defaulted to “no” unless a parent elects “yes” through Skyward.


CCISD Trailblazers Book List

The Trailblazers Book List is a list of recommended titles created by CCISD elementary librarians.  While the list is designed for 2nd and 3rd grade students, these are wonderful books for all elementary students to consider.   

Family Tips for Developing Readers

A list of books that your student can begin to read and all other guidance to provide support. 

    Write It, Cite It: Copyright Tips for Students

    Copyright law is important as it protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software and architecture.

    A student should list all sources quoted and paraphrased in preparing a research paper. This documentation is required in order to give credit to the original author. This is frequently referred to as Works Cited and is added at the end of the research paper.

    Each student in Clear Creek ISD has access to Noodletools citation platform in the portal. Please see your campus librarian for additional information concerning Noodletools and citation.

    Using words or ideas in your paper, either by paraphrasing or copying word for word without documentation is considered a form of stealing called plagiarism. Examples of Works Cited entries recognized by the Modern Language Association (MLA) are included in this publication. 

    General Rules

    1. At the end of a research paper, create a Works Cited by listing all sources quoted or paraphrased in preparing the paper.
    2. Generally, each citation includes the author (if given), the title, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication, and additional information if needed.

    Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

    • Do not cut and paste from the Internet.
    • Do not use another student’s work as your own.
    • Paraphrase and put information into your own words, and cite it!
    • Put direct quotes within quotation marks, and cite it!
    • Keep careful notes that distinguish between your own thoughts and the material that you have gathered from other sources.

    Grant Spotlight

    Clear Creek ISD Library and Media Services proudly recognizes the following organizations for generous grants that provide valuable resources for students, libraries and Makerspaces.

    A $100,000 Boeing Grant supported the creation of Makerspaces at every one of the ten CCISD intermediate school libraries. 

    The Clear Creek Education Foundation's $50,000 Quarter Century Club Partners Grant supported the creation of a Makerspace at the CCISD Learner Support Center. 

    the Molina Foundation logo

    Through the Molina Foundation Book Grant which included the provision of 36,000 books valued at $314,640, students from every corner of the District were gifted with new books to take home. 

    Clear Creek ISD Friends of the Library

    CCISD Friends of the Library is a 501(c)3 established in 2012 to help support campus libraries through grants, recognition of campus library staff, advocacy of school library programs and fundraising.

    Learn more and become a Friend of the Library

    Reading Network

    CCISD proudly partners with a network of local public libraries for additional resources and events and to further inspire a love of reading.

    Harris County Public Library Helen Hall Public Library Friendswood Public Library