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Prevention Services

Clear Creek ISD provides a multitude of services and programs aimed to safeguard students' mental, physical and emotional health.

Youth Mental Health Program

CCISD leaders in mental health promote awareness of mental health issues through staff, student and community training. Similar to "First Aid" and CPR, "Youth Mental Health First Aid" teaches individuals how to help youth experiencing mental health challenges or crises.

Healthy Choices for Intermediate Students

The Healthy Choices program is a District initiative to better meet the needs of intermediate students by addressing many of the issues students face and helping them learn ways to abstain from high risk behaviors.

The special lecture series, taught in the health fitness classes, follows their class schedule and is designed to complement their curriculum with a special in-depth focus on drug awareness and abstinence-plus sex education. The program is designed to supplement, not replace, the parent’s role in dealing with these issues and parent involvement is always strongly encouraged throughout the program.

Abstinence Based Healthy Decision-Making Program

This course is taught to 7th grade students through the Health and Fitness classes. Click here to view session overview. 

District Request for Parent Consent Regarding Human Sexuality Instruction 

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Bullying Prevention

By fostering an overall climate of inclusion, warmth and respect, schools can promote the development of core social and emotional skills in students and staff alike. Students with greater social emotional competency are less likely to be aggressors, targets of bullying or passive bystanders.

In Clear Creek ISD, counselors provide instruction to students on identifying social conflict versus bullying, possible choices in a social conflict and demonstrating core values.

CCISD also features a reporting system, called Anonymous Alerts, where students, staff, families and the community may anonymously report concerns to school officials.

Learn more about reporting and school safety