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Unlock the Greatest Potential in Your Child with Personalized Learning in CCISD

Personalized Learning Defined

Educators personalize learning by targeting instruction, fostering collaboration and creativity, facilitating reflection and goal setting, and designing flexible learning pathways for each student.

It is through this learning ecosystem students receive a world-class education that is customized just right for them.


Why Personalized Learning Is Important

In the past, a teacher would give a test on adding and subtracting numbers up to a thousand. One student didn’t get it and bombed the test. Another student already learned multiplication tables over the summer. In this learning environment, one student falls behind and the other student becomes bored.

In Clear Creek ISD, we are creating a learning ecosystem in which students thrive because instruction is targeted based on what they need, when they need it. Our vision includes no more falling behind because the class is moving forward or waiting impatiently for the class to move forward. Learning is customized just right for each student.


The Key 4 to Personalized Learning

Reflection and Goal Setting

Targeted Instruction

Flexible Path and Pace

Collaboration and Creativity