Seabrook Student Takes a Swing at Entrepreneurship

Seabrook Intermediate Student Takes a Swing at Entrepreneurship with Innovative Science Project
Posted on 06/06/2019

For some students, success is reflected through distinguished accolades and notable honors, but for one Seabrook Intermediate student, success was achieved through a more creative approach when designing an ordinary science project turned into a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.

Bryce Marcelle of Seabrook Intermediate knew at an early age that he had a passion for two seemingly unrelated interests, golf and science. Through his passion for science, he has enthusiastically participated in the Clear Creek ISD Science and Engineering Fair since fourth grade. The annual competition allows students to select an area of science that interests them and experimentally conduct research to test a hypothesis about that given topic. Here, Bryce honed his skills for creating and engineering. Now an intermediate student, he was challenged this past school year to again create an original project for the annual competition. This is when Bryce found an imaginative way to merge his love for golf and science by creating a golf aligner to help players correct the angle at which the golf club hits the ball.

“I’ve never been very good with accuracy in golfing, so I was thinking about what I could do,” Bryce recalls. “Then the idea flashed in my mind, so I drew it down and showed it to my dad.”

With the support of his parents, teachers and golf coach, Bryce dedicated months of thorough planning, research and testing to perfect his golf aligner, which he affectionately named, “The Sweet Spot Golf Training Aid.” Working through the steps of the scientific method, Bryce hypothesized that his device would result in improved player accuracy and distance of the shot, and after testing, concluded that the aligner did in fact improve accuracy by 25 percent and distance by 30 percent.

Although his project did not place at the science fair, Bryce realized that there was still great value in his training aid, particularly for beginner golfers like himself.

“I tried to make my golf aligner as simple as possible because there are others out, but they are super complicated,” Bryce explained.

Incorporating the feedback he received at the science fair, Bryce refined his original project to relaunch it as an even better product that he could market to the masses. The Sweet Spot Golf Training Aid is now available for purchase online through Amazon, and as Bryce explains, his purpose in embarking on this business endeavor was to help inspire other young scientists like himself.

“There are a lot of older people who sell things, and I think kids don’t think they can handle having a business like that,” Bryce said. “I wanted to show other kids that they can do just as good as any adult can when it comes to this.”

While Bryce is excited about what this new venture will bring, the biggest lesson that he hopes students learn from his success story is to never give up and work hard to nurture anything that you truly believe in.

“You can’t give up because if I had stopped trying when it came to something hard, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

To purchase the Sweet Spot Golf Training Aid, click here or visit and search “Sweet Spot Golf Training Aid.”

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