Students Design Face Shields, Donate to CCISD

Students Help Design Face Shields, Donate to Clear Creek ISD
Posted on 09/02/2020
Student assembles face shieldAs cities began putting restrictions and lockdowns in place in March due to the spread of COVID-19, Clear Creek ISD Robotics sprang into action to make a difference in their community and beyond.

The Robonauts, the CCISD district-wide high school FIRST Robotics Competition team, kept in contact through group messaging with their head coach Lucien Junkin, who works as the Chief Engineer for the Space Exploration Vehicle at NASA.

“We had our last competition in the beginning of March and we were supposed to go to another competition, but it got suspended because of COVID-19, so right after that we started asking the question, ‘if we are going to be locked down and we know the country is in need, what can we do?’ ” said Junkin.

In a few weeks’ time, Junkin created dozens of plastic face shield prototypes, while consulting with the students daily through messaging. He spent countless hours of his own time to develop the face shields to donate first responders and medical personnel across the country and later, the world.

Through funding from VEX Robotics, NASA, the Robonauts Booster Club and other private donors, about 100,000 masks have been manufactured by VEX since mid-April.

“It makes me super proud that our students are generous with their time,” added Junkin. “There is a great future in this country when youngsters are doing this.”

In July, Robonauts team member and Clear Lake High School senior Sophia Snapp devised a way to make an impact a little closer to home.

She coordinated with fellow Robonauts and the CCISD Students for Safety, a student-run campaign created to give input on the 2020-2021 school reopening plans. Snapp emailed district leaders directly to offer a donation of 1,200 face shields for students and staff.

“I just thought it was really great that I would be able to reach out to the district and be able to help people that I’ve never even met, just making sure that they feel safer to come to school,” said Snapp.

Junkin traveled to Greenville, TX to pick up the unassembled shield kits provided by VEX Robotics. The students will put the shields together by hand.

Find out more about the design here. Donations can be requested through this link.

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