CCISD Bus Drivers Committed to Safety

CCISD Bus Drivers Committed to Safety
Posted on 12/16/2020
TEEXClear Creek ISD recently hosted a Bus Driver Academy through a partnership with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). A total of 19 participants from across the region, including four from CCISD, signed up to further their knowledge and safety procedures when transporting students.

“It’s important to for our drivers/trainers to always be learning and pass it on to other bus drivers in training and all drivers within transportation,” said CCISD Safety and Training Manager Perry Pierson. “The way I see it, it helps us stay fresh and focused as we transport the most important cargo – our students.”

According to TEEX website, the 30-hour school bus driver instructor course provides school districts with an opportunity to use of their own qualified drivers as behind-the-wheel instructors. 

“During the training, the TEEX instructors set up different scenarios, including obstacle courses and how to tend to someone who may be experiencing a heart attack,” said Pierson. “So, these are very unique things being taught through the program with the safety of our students at the forefront.”

After completing the training, the drivers not only receive a specialized wealth of knowledge to bring back to their peers, but it also counts toward their certification with the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation.
“I think it is very important for bus drivers to continue learning new and inventive methods,” said Derrick Prudhomme who has been a bus driver in CCISD for the last 18 months. “I see myself using the new procedures we were taught by the TEEX trainers when driving.”

If you are interested in becoming a bus driver in CCISD, visit
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