Wedgewood Student Creates “Little Free Pantry”

Wedgewood Student Creates “Little Free Pantry”
Posted on 04/16/2020
Little Free PantryWedgewood third grader Alexandra Castillo strives to make an impact wherever she goes. She has her own Facebook page called “Alexandra’s Secret Smiles,” where she regularly challenges others to spread kindness in the community.

Her ideas were even shared with the school to create a program to share goodie bags with kids who have been hurt, bullied or are new.

“It warms my heart how she is always thinking of others and never gives up,” said her mother, Julie Castillo.

Even during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Alexandra is still thinking about how she can help those in need, while also social distancing.

“My neighbor across the street has a Little Free Library and I love getting books there and watching others get some too,” said Alexandra. “I told my mom I wish there was a way to do that with food.”

Julie found some pictures of “Little Free Pantries” on Pinterest and the two got to work on their big project.

First, they put out a message on community pages on March 23 asking if anyone had any supplies to donate or to purchase to put the pantry together.

About a week later, Brady Burnett with Burnett Realty built a cabinet and donated it to the family.

After the family put up the cabinet outside their home, the community dropped off food to keep the pantry fully stocked.

“I just want to help others. I want them to be able to find the things they may need for their house without having to go to the store,” added Alexandra.

She hopes her act of kindness can inspire others her age.

“I want them to know that even though were just children we can make a difference,” she said. “That's why my motto is ‘Never underestimate the power of a smile.’”

Alexandra didn’t stop there—she has also made more than 300 face masks for community members.

While her daughter keeps up with schoolwork and mask project, Julie helps to keep the pantry organized and stocked.

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