Wedgewood Elementary Honored By Mayor

Wedgewood Elementary Honored by Mayor
Posted on 03/06/2020
This is the image for the news article titled Wedgewood Elementary Honored by MayorWedgewood Elementary students were in for a big surprise during their character rally today.

Met with resounding cheers from the teachers and student body, City of Friendswood Mayor Mike Forman read the official Mayoral Proclamation that declares March 6, 2020, as Wedgewood Elementary Day. This was the culmination of a recent visit where Wedgewood students took over city council for a little while.


“Once a month during the school year, we invite 2nd grade classes from the elementary schools in Friendswood to take over City Council for about ten minutes or so,” Mayor Foreman said. “We want to show the kids that there is such a thing as public service and giving back to the community.”

According to Principal Buffie Johnson, it is the second year Wedgewood has participated. Ten students were assigned to play the role of mayor, city secretary, city attorney, city manager and the council positions to mirror the actual City of Friendswood City Council. They then presented their resolution, voted in favor of it and the motion was passed.

“They choose second graders because they are at an age where they don’t really understand government yet,” she said. “They want to expose them to the idea that they are giving back to the community and making decisions for what’s best for Friendswood.”

City Manager Jorani Siv said that the group practiced for two weeks before their scheduled appearance.

“It was cool because you actually got to speak in front of the mayor,” she said. “I’m also super proud of myself for trying because I’m usually shy and don’t like to speak in front of many people.”

Victoria Sifuentes, Council Member #4, enjoyed meeting the mayor and her adult counterpart in person.

“I liked it because I got to do a little speech in front of my teachers and my parents,” she said. “I might want to do it in the future.”

Mayor Foreman speaks for all of the city council when he says that they enjoy meeting the students and their families.

“The kids bring a new energy to the council chambers and of course their parents and grandparents come with them,” he said. “We love seeing so many people come in who have probably never been to a city council meeting before.”

Johnson said the Mayor’s Office stays in close contact with Johnson and her staff.

“He has always said to reach out to the council if we need anything as a campus,” Johnson said. “We know they’re always there for us.”

Foreman appreciates all the work the Wedgewood staff does on behalf of its students.

“Education is key to the successful life and the staff at Wedgewood Elementary is dedicated to providing the children with a quality education in a safe environment,” he said during the rally.
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