Students Take On World Hunger

Students Take On World Hunger
Posted on 11/15/2019
3rd grade students presenting their project


At character rallies, students of all grade levels highlight projects and successes they have worked on.

Last week, Magan Brownlee’s 3rd grade Gifted and Talented class at McWhirter Elementary shared their Leadership Project with their peers, which addressed world hunger and steps to solve the problem.

The class began looking at different problems on a personal, local and global level. Eventually, students noticed that many of the issues they looked into touched on the subject of poverty in one way or another. Ironically, the project and discussion happened on October 17, which is known as the International Day to Eradicate Poverty.

“The kids were hooked,” Brownlee said. “They decided that they wanted to do something to help.”

3rd Grade McWhirter GT project
In the end, they chose to host a concession stand for faculty and families on the night of their 3rd Grade PTA Performance, which would take place before McWhirter’s Math and Literacy Night. After choosing which items they wanted to sell, Brownlee purchased everything and then worked with the students to set selling prices in order to make a profit.

“The class decided we would donate our proceeds to Action Against Hunger which helps out families in need all over the globe,” Brownlee said. “Each student worked to create posters, a digital announcement, and a campus callout to let our McWhirter family know what we were doing and why.”

Though students sold a lot during the Math and Literacy Night, they still had fruit, water, sodas, and coffee left over so they turned it into a breakfast cart the following two mornings to sell to teachers on campus.

As the project concluded, the calculations showed that the class raised a grand total of $461.65, surpassing their initial goal of $250. Brownlee couldn’t be more proud of the project which is a tangible result of the Leader in Me program’s values being instilled into students.

“The kids did all the work,” she said, “So much planning, writing, math, leadership and social skills were exercised during this project.”

As pleased as Brownlee was by the outcome, her students felt great about making an impact too.

“I liked our service learning project not just because it was a success but also because we got to help people in need,” said third grader Luke Porterfield. “Just one stand can help multiple people.”

The City of Webster is the sponsor of the Leader in Me program at McWhirter and Webster Police Chief Bo Rogers was present to congratulate all students on a job well done. Additionally, Barrios Technology sponsored a spirit shirt for every student at the school as they have in previous years, which the kids will now wear every Friday.

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