Students Fill Holiday Blessing Bags for Homeless

Students Fill Holiday Blessing Bags for Homeless
Posted on 12/16/2019
Students Filling Blessing Bags for HomelessStudents in the Character Crusaders Club at Hall Elementary are spreading holiday cheer this winter break by packing blessing bags for the homeless.

The students started off their bi-monthly morning meeting by writing down three good deeds they plan to accomplish during the break—one thing for themselves, a friend, and a stranger. The students then joyfully stuffed plastic bags with toiletries, food, water and a personalized holiday card.

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Fifth-grade student Kendall Thomas cannot wait to brighten someone’s day with her personalized bag.

“It makes me feel really blessed and well-hearted and kind because I love giving to the community,” said Thomas.

Last year, Counselor Latoya Mills donated the bags to a charity, but this year, students will give out their bag to the homeless directly with the help of their parents.

“I want to see how they react and how they feel that we actually care,” said 5th-grade student Victoria Burns.

The club was started a few years ago by Mills, who wanted to show students how to put Clear Creek ISD’s core values in action.

“It’s about them thinking about kindness, feeling it and then actually going out and doing it,” said Mills. “We want them to be intentional, not just doing it because they are getting a prize or a reward or someone is telling them to be kind.”

Principal Stephanie King believes the small gestures from the club causes a snowball effect around the school.

“When they do random acts of kindness around our school, they are impacting the people that are witnessing it, as well as the people they are doing the act of kindness for. It’s had a huge impact,” said King.

Mills advised parents to keep the bag in their car to be ready to give out when the family sees someone in need.

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