Student Assembly and Family Master Class Bring Intentional Focus on Character

Student Assembly and Family Master Class Bring Intentional Focus on Character
Posted on 02/04/2020
Master ClassStudents, staff, and families of Seabrook Intermediate and Bayside Intermediate had the opportunity to hear a simple message that can yield powerful results on January 17, 2020.

CharacterStrong representative, Ari Afsar, spoke in depth on “kindness” during student assemblies at both campuses followed by a Master Class for families of both communities later that evening. Afsar also dove into the topics of bullying, building healthy friendships, peer pressure and digital pressures like social media safety and cyber bullying.

As Clear Creek ISD continues to weave social-emotional learning (SEL), character development and relationship building into daily curriculum, CharacterStrong assemblies are one of many campus instruments used to help enrich the curriculum and form positive habit development.

The visit was made possible by the Seabrook Intermediate and Bayside Intermediate PTAs.

Click here for photos from Afsar’s assembly and Master Class.

Follows is a first-hand student perspective on the Afsar’s message of the day.

Ari Afsar Visits Seabrook Intermediate and Bayside Intermediate
By: Georgia Perello and Amelia Weiss, Seabrook Intermediate Journalism Students

“It’s not a question of kindness it’s a question of what gets in the way”- Ari Afsar

With these words Ari Afsar gives a simple yet effective message to the students of Seabrook Intermediate and Bayside Intermediate. Kindness can be achieved, but there are obstacles that will prevent us from the life goal of being kind. She has already shown the students that being kind is not easy through some of her own stories.

In the story about her best friend, Ari told us about a time that she realized she didn’t show kindness the way she needed to. When she was trying out for American Idol, she told her friend she would help her out with a school performance. When she found out she was moving up in auditions, she realized she would not be able to do the school performance anymore.

She thought about how to tell her that she would no longer be able to make it to the show since she could not share anything about American Idol. So, not making the kindest move, she texted her friend saying she could not come, with no explanation. She felt terrible for it. Her friend was understandably upset with how she had broken the news to her. Later that week, Ari wanted to meet up in person with her and make a kind gesture to make up for the not-so-kind move she had made. She told her everything. Why she hadn’t gone, why she couldn’t help her and how sorry she felt. Her friend understandably forgave her. Ari made a mistake and was forgiven for it after fixing it with a kind gesture. So, if you are ever in a situation where you may have messed up, kindness can always help.

She told the student body that there are three main obstacles of being kind; incompetence, insecurity and inconvenience. Incompetence is all about the “lack of.” Lack of empathy, lack of listening, lack of the resilience needed to truly understand what’s happening to a person which leads to the lack of being truly kind.

Insecurity is the second obstacle. Insecurity is those feelings of judgement, rejection, failure and shame that bubble up to the surface when we are faced with a difficult choice that could affect us socially. It’s the feelings of, “What will they think if I am nice to this person? They’ll think I’m like them.” The obstacle of insecurity is the obstacle of the social life.

Inconvenience is the final obstacle. Inconvenience is when the feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, busyness and hurt cause the decision to fall based on how you feel. “I’m too tired today. Why should I help them when they did this to me? If I do this, I won’t have time to do this.”

According to Afsar, being kind is not meant to be a task. Being kind is a simple habit, and a habit that everyone can and should create.

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