Space Center Intermediate Inspiring Girls in Engineering

Space Center Intermediate Inspiring Girls in Engineering
Posted on 02/28/2020
Space Center EventSpace Center Intermediate teamed up with Collins Aerospace to host a day to inspire eighth-grade girls and introduce them to the world of possibilities in engineering.

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Collins Aerospace is one of the many companies looking to redefine futures and drive diversity in the workplace by setting up educational programs within schools.

“This is a company-wide initiative where we wanted to come in and talk with the eighth-grade girls since they will be going into this next step of high school soon,” said Emma Anderson, a project engineering co-op at Collins Aerospace. “They will have a lot of decisions to make on if they will be getting involved in STEM education, and we really want to encourage that.”

To help justify this mission, the students were shown the video of NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch completing the first all-woman spacewalk in October 2019. Representatives also provided ways students can get involved within different clubs and gave advice on preparing for high school and college.

“There are so many opportunities for women in engineering out there, including the aerospace industry,” said Anderson. “We encourage them to get involved in engineering classes and internships. It can definitely become their passion.”

Students were then able to walk around to different activity booths, including circuit building and coding, to help spark their interests.

“They taught us a bunch of cool stuff about engineering,” said eighth grader Mattie Haas. “I like that you get to put different things together and it causes it to become something completely new, such as putting together a circuit and creating a light.”

For eighth grade student Andrea Zermeno, the event helped open her eyes to new pathways in the field.

“At first I thought I was interested in a science like marine or forensics,” said Zermeno. “But after today I do like the creative side of engineering. So that is also a possible job for me.”

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