High School Students Show Servant Leadership

Clear Brook High School Students Show Servant Leadership
Posted on 03/06/2020
This is the image for the news article titled Clear Brook High School Students Show Servant LeadershipClear Brook High School soccer players take pride in showing younger students what kind of leader they can become.

Throughout the season, members of the soccer team arrive at one of their elementary feeder schools to show Brook school spirit and lend a helping hand. They engage in small acts of kindness such as opening doors and carry backpacks for the younger students. They also hand out little cards that list what “A Kind Wolverine” does, including giving compliments and helping friends.

Coach Enrique Canales started this endeavor last year. The teams traveled to Greene Elementary, but this year they expanded to Landolt and Wedgewood elementary schools.

“We want them to see that our students, though they are older and bigger, are kind and approachable and that those are values we promote on our campus,” Canales said.

He says that it is important for the elementary students to know that kindness does not have to be a huge gesture, but rather, an accumulation of small acts for everyone around them. He believes these small acts could have positive effects on lowering instances of bullying and violence.

“If we can inspire a little kindness, maybe that will lead the kids to show kindness to other smaller children,” Canales said.

Clear Brook students help Greene Elementary studentsThis is just one example of the overarching Brook Bound program, which began 11 years ago at North Pointe Elementary and now has expanded to serve all of Clear Brook High School’s elementary and intermediate feeder schools. According to Principal Dr. Michele Staley, it is a school-wide effort that strives to create a community within CBHS, but also in partnership with those schools whose students will eventually attend Clear Brook High School one day.

“We’re trying to get the elementary and intermediate students excited about coming here by having high school students show them how great it is to be a Wolverine,” she said. “It’s exciting and fun and it bonds us as a community.”

High school students in academics, athletics and fine arts participate in the program in any number of ways. Science students will go to an elementary school and teach science lessons for one day or members of the track team will volunteer to join a school’s running club for an afternoon. Members of the National Honor Society tutor Westbrook Intermediate students.

“Servant leadership speaks to who we are and what we want our kids to become,” Dr. Staley said. “Elementary kids benefit greatly from seeing older students dressed in our colors, helping them in these ways.”

Clear Brook High School students enjoy interacting with the students who will follow in their footsteps.

“It really makes me feel good helping and getting to know the younger kids,” varsity soccer captain Yusuf Hussein said. “I remember when I was that age and how much it would have meant to me to have an older student show kindness and be encouraging.”

Canales believes that individuals willing to continually offer kind gestures creates a strong school environment.

“We hope students walk away with the desire to pay it forward and offer small gestures to others wherever they go,” he said.
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