Elementary Students Raise Funds to Build a School

Elementary Students Raise Funds to Build a School
Posted on 03/05/2020
This is the image for the news article titled Elementary Students Raise Funds to Build a SchoolThanks to the fundraising efforts of students at Greene Elementary and around the world, a school/peace center will be built in Mexico later this year.

The P.H. Greene Elementary Kids for Peace club is comprised of 21 fourth and fifth graders who recently participated in a service project called Kind Coins for Mexico. The students, called the Greene Peace Ambassadors, raised $1057 to help the international nonprofit Kids for Peace organization build a school and peace center in Tijuana. Other schools all over the globe also participated.

Kids for Peace strives to empower children to create peace through hands-on service, global friendships and thoughtful acts of kindness. One of the ways participants do this is through their Peace Pledge Program, and finding ways of putting the words in that pledge into action that are culturally relevant and personally meaningful.

According to Greene Elementary Counselor Kelley Rullman, the whole club is centered on the Peace Pledge. The Kind Coins for Mexico project is based on the line, “I pledge to respect people in each and every land.”

“The club meets weekly to come up with different ideas for service projects,” she said. “Once they have a plan, we make a video with the students explaining the project for teachers to show to their students in class.”

Each class had a collection jar where students could make cash donations for the duration of the assignment. Every other day, the Peace Ambassadors would go by to collect and count the money. After everything was collected, Rullman got a cashier’s check in the final amount and mailed it to Kids for Peace.

“Our hope is that this global service project will instill empathy, compassion, and kindness within our students for years to come,” she said.

According to Rullman, the kids were excited to help other children in need.
“I feel like I really made an impact on someone’s life and I was involved in something important,” said fifth grader Ansley Brack-Stout.

Fellow fifth grader Sara Pereznegron also felt happy for the children who will soon have a new place to learn.

“The kids living there deserve a better education,” she said. “After we finished the project, I was proud and excited that all the money we raised would go to building a school for them.”

According to Kids for Peace, the school/peace center is scheduled to open August 2020 and the Greene Elementary “well wishes” photo will be hung inside the school once the project is completed.
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