Clear Lake Falcons Take Flight Preparing for the Future

Clear Lake Falcons Take Flight Preparing for the Future
Posted on 10/18/2019
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At the inaugural Falcons Take Flight College and Career Day on October 16, Clear Lake High School seniors had the opportunity to learn that the sky is not the limit for what comes next after high school graduation.

While their peers were taking the PSAT, hundreds of seniors explored career opportunities thriving and available in the greater Houston region as well certification courses associated with many areas of interest. From petro-chemical and aerospace to banking and medicine, representatives from these fields shared the pathways to their professions with the students and future workforce.

The soon-to-be high school graduates also learned necessary life skills that will come in handy in both the college and real-world settings.

“I have to admit I was skeptical at first,” said Abinand Parthasarathy. “But after going to all of the different sessions, from changing a tire and CPR to careers at NASA, I found that it was a pretty wide spectrum of opportunities that aligned to all interests.”

“Plus this was also just a fun day for seniors,” added Jared Foltyn. “There were also several fun courses like Zumba and cooking in a dorm room, so when you combined those sessions with the great college and career opportunities, it just made for a great day for seniors who don’t have to take the PSAT.”

Experts including college admissions counselors, career guest speakers, financial aid experts, teachers and even students facilitated the student conference workshops, which spanned the campus. For example, students learned about managing personal finances and saving for the future, career options and scholarship shopping from local credit unions and banking institutions. In the auditorium, Astronaut Loren Shriver and Cosmonaut Sergei Revin vividly shared their experiences in space flight as well as what it takes to meet the requirements for that career.

“Our seniors really jumped in with both feet today and took full advantage of everything the student conference had to offer for their future success,” said Clear Lake High School Assistant Principal Adrian Washburn. “So it’s safe to say the class of 2021 can look forward to the second annual Falcons Take Flight event next year,” said Washburn.
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