Clear Creek ISD Celebrates Crossing Guards!

Clear Creek ISD Celebrates Crossing Guards!
Posted on 02/12/2020
Crossing Guard Helps Students Cross the StreetWednesday marks Crossing Guard Appreciation Day for Clear Creek ISD’s more than 45 crossing guards, who serve thousands of students daily.

Gerald Scholes began working for the district after he retired from his day job 10 years ago. He now is a crossing guard team leader, helping students at Space Center Intermediate get to and from their campus.

“I was sitting in my easy chair, watching soap operas and I decided this wasn’t me, so I got up and got a job,” Scholes said.

Scholes hopes to spend 10 more years as a crossing guard nourishing the relationships he builds daily with the students and parents.

“That’s one of the enjoyment parts of this job is building relationships that when you see them every day, it makes the time go by faster,” added Scholes.

Brian Palazzi, Director of Safe and Secure Schools, acknowledges the crucial role crossing guards play in student’s day to day safety.

“We take for granted a lot of how our kids are going to get to school a lot of times it’s considered, ‘Oh they’re going to take a bus,’ " said Palazzi. “Most of our families, a lot of our families rely on their students walking to school and they rely on the eyes and ears of our crossing guards to ensure that our children are safe.”

Take a moment to say ‘thank you’ to the men and women who assist in keeping our children safe day in and day out!

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