CCISD Students Recognized with Top Music Honor

CCISD Students Recognized with Top Music Honor
Posted on 01/20/2020
All-StateThirty-six talented musicians across all five CCISD comprehensive high schools were selected as 2020 Texas All-State members through the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA). This is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive and earns these students a spot to perform in one of 15 ensembles throughout the band, choir and orchestra divisions.

The process began with more than 70,000 high school students across the state auditioning for one of these coveted positions, with only around 1,500 students being selected in the end. The All-State students will now practice together over three days of rehearsals, directed by nationally recognized conductors. They will then perform before more than 30,000 people during the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention in San Antonio on February 12, 2020.

Congratulations to the following students:

Elizabeth Jackson – Clear Brook High School
Abel Lostaunau – Clear Brook High School
Paige Richeson – Clear Brook High School
Riana Vermillion – Clear Creek High School
Madigan Ewing – Clear Creek High School
Sophia Sereni – Clear Creek High School
Lucinda Melcher – Clear Creek High School
Aidan Martinez – Clear Creek High School
Tony Dudley – Clear Creek High School
Brady Raboin – Clear Creek High School
Aidan Vermillion – Clear Creek High School
James Brandt – Clear Creek High School
Bryan Dawn – Clear Creek High School
Jessica Lam – Clear Falls High School
Tarryn Goldner – Clear Falls High School
Americo Zapata – Clear Falls High School
Andrew Sukal – Clear Falls High School
Zachary Brabston – Clear Falls High School
Christopher Colling – Clear Falls High School
Hannah Chuang – Clear Lake High School
Olivia Dinardis – Clear Lake High School
Quynh Nguyen – Clear Lake High School
Nancy Xing – Clear Lake High School
Zahi Hussain – Clear Lake High School
David Kim – Clear Lake High School
Yan Zhe Wong – Clear Lake High School
Colin Roberts – Clear Lake High School
Jack McBurnett – Clear Lake High School
Pavan Manoj – Clear Lake High School
Alexander Kita – Clear Lake High School
Lindsey Austin – Clear Springs High School
Emma Garcia – Clear Springs High School
Miguel Faucette – Clear Springs High School
Aiden Knight – Clear Springs High School
Gannon Allen – Clear Springs High School
Xiaohan Liu – Clear Springs High School
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