CCISD Hosts Largest Elementary and Secondary Robotics Competitions in Texas

CCISD Hosts Largest Elementary and Secondary Robotics Competitions in Texas
Posted on 12/20/2019
VEX TournamentsClear Creek ISD is quickly becoming the hub of robotics activity in the state. The District hosted the 2019 Space City VEX and VEX IQ Tournaments at the CCISD Learner Support Center (LSC) in November and December. These tournaments are the largest and fastest growing contests in the world.

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Ten elementary teams, eleven intermediate teams and two high school teams will be moving on to the Texas State Region 3 Championship in February, which will also be held at the LSC. In VEX and VEX IQ, student teams work to design, build, and document a robot to play a game. The season runs from May to April each year.

The Space City VEX IQ tournament is the district elementary championship. With 75 total teams, which is 10 more than last season, this is the largest event the District has held to date and the largest of its kind in the country.

“A large part of our growth as a district can be attributed to our student mentor program, where high school students volunteer to mentor elementary and middle school students,” said Robotics and Engineering Program Manager James Jobe. “This model has allowed for us to go from one team per elementary school only six years ago to having multiple teams at every elementary campus, with several having as many as four teams.”

The 6th annual Space City VEX Robotics Tournament for intermediate and high school teams was the largest ever with 118 teams from across the state and beyond. Teams from Corpus Christi, Austin, Lucas (DFW area), and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, came to the LSC for two days to test themselves against the best teams in the Houston area.

“Having dedicated space at the LSC as the new home for CCISD robotics has allowed us to exponentially grow the number of events we have for our students,” said Jobe. “In the past, CCISD has hosted four events across eight days throughout the VEX competition season. This year we will host eight competition events over 17 days, along with multiple scrimmages and open practice days. We also are using the LSC robotics space for teacher training opportunities, student mentor trainings and future robotics summer camps.”

Top award winners from the state tournament will qualify to compete at VEX Worlds in April 2020 in Lexington, Kentucky.

Clear Creek ISD teams advancing to State:

• 6605A – Campbell Robotics – Campbell Elementary
• 804B – Brookwood Elementary
• 820B – Techno Timberwolves – Wedgewood Elementary
• 825A – Hall Elementary
• 804A – Brookwood Elementary
• 823C – North Pointe Elementary
• 810B – Goforth Elementary
• 820C – Techno Timberwolves – Wedgewood Elementary
• 804C – Brookwood Elementary
• 815A – McWhirter Elementary

• 2368A – Bayside Intermediate Vex – Bayside Intermediate
• 2368B – RoboKnights – Bayside Intermediate
• 5965B – Eaglebots – Clear Lake Intermediate
• 6572E – Creekside Intermediate
• 7403A – CCI Jaguar Robotics – Clear Creek Intermediate
• 7421A – TechnoWolves – Westbrook Intermediate
• 7421C – Flaming Phoenix – Westbrook Intermediate
• 7421E – Dark Horizon – Westbrook Intermediate
• 7421G – G^3 – Westbrook Intermediate
• 7421Y – Radioactive Cookies – Westbrook Intermediate
• 7481B – ROBOTICATS – League City Intermediate

High School
• 3118B – Astrobots – Clear Brook High School
• 38538S – CHECH$ - Clear Horizons Early College High School
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