BARK Club to the Rescue: Elementary Students Build Homes for Chained Animals

BARK Club to the Rescue: Elementary Students Build Homes for Chained Animals
Posted on 12/04/2019
BARK ClubStaff and students in the Bay Elementary Animal Rescue Kids (BARK) Club have made it their mission to lead with compassion and advocate for local animals in need.

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The service club partnered with the non-profit Houston Huts 4 Mutts for their November meeting where they built and painted homes for dogs who are chained up outside in the area without shelter. Students also decorated the completed homes with special messages of love and encouragement for the dogs.

“What we want for the animals is to make sure we have an end goal of them being happy, healthy, sheltered and loved, and we want to be proactive in making that happen,” said Mary Kaye Murski, club sponsor and Bay Elementary teacher. “It is important to get students involved in projects like this because they develop leadership skills that can last their whole life.”

Huts 4 Mutts offers these free dog houses to the owners in hopes of building relationships with them to further their services to these animals. Click here for photos.

“The house is kind of our invitation to try and work with the dogs and work with the homeowners,” said Huts 4 Mutts founder and President Aliesha Medley. “We provide dog food, padded collars, flee meds, behavioral training and we also offer a free spay and neuter to anyone who wishes to do that. We just want to help them make the dog a little more comfortable.”

The BARK Club is a part of the diverse group of clubs at Bay Elementary that started through the Leader In Me Program initiative on campus. This program aims to foster leadership in students and create a culture of empowerment throughout the campus. BARK students and staff hope that their efforts to raise awareness about proper animal care will continue to spread throughout the community.

“I wanted to join this club because I love helping animals and I really want to be a leader for helping animals,” said 3rd grader Brooklyn Brotherton.

To learn more about Houston Huts 4 Mutts, click here.

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