Art Gallery Focused on Mental Health

Students Create Art Gallery Focused on Mental Health
Posted on 05/07/2020
Anonymous paintingAfter being prompted by a teacher to focus on a passion project, senior Ayan Sarkar contemplated how he could combine his love of trivia with giving back to the Clear Creek High School community.

Ayan roped in junior Noah Ellis and sophomore Nathaniel Overby to brainstorm ideas for a trivia project. The group started hosting fundraiser games during school lunch time to benefit different organizations at CCHS.

Their enthusiasm faded as the students began working from home and then learned they would not return to finish out the school year, simultaneously putting their other projects on hold.

“This is an unprecedented time and we are seeing a lot of people are suffering from a lot of anxiety and depression,” said Ayan.

This revelation sparked a virtual idea for a future project. The group was already planning an art gallery next year focusing on mental health.

“Originally it was supposed to be an art gallery held during the open house in September of next year,” explained Nathaniel. “We had to do this ourselves and it was a self-discovery process.”

The boys dubbed the gallery, “The Rose Project,” which serves as an online space to bring together artists and beginners during social isolation.

“We explored that idea of art therapy. The idea that art can really help people’s mental health and overall health, just being around that creative process,” said Ayan. “We just encouraged everyone to submit their artwork.”

Ayan believes this project can inspire youth to try something new and express themselves during quarantine.

The project has already received art submissions from all over the country, which they share on the Instagram page.

“One thing we’ve had to get used to is how to use technology to get these project done,” said Noah. “Before one of the main parts, how we did it, was we would have community interactions in person and that was a very big thing we relied upon, but now we have to get used to doing things through Instagram, through Zoom.”

The students recently held an online trivia game through Zoom to help benefit a local business. They are already planning other ways to make a difference, while maintaining social distancing.

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