2020 Clear Creek ISD Retirees Recognized

2020 Clear Creek ISD Retirees Recognized
Posted on 05/11/2020
This is the image for the news article titled 2020 Clear Creek ISD Retirees RecognizedEvery year, we say farewell and best wishes to a wonderful group of employees who have given their best to CCISD throughout the years. We would like to recognize this year's exemplary retirees and thank them for their combined total of 1,256 years of service. Best wishes on your next endeavors!

Charlotte Aalund — League City Elementary
Alonzo Allen — Education Support Center
Thomas Arbogast — Maintenance 
Diana Armitage — Space Center Intermediate
Eloise Arnold — Brookwood Elementary
Wayde Barksdale — Clear Creek High School
David Bell — Central Support Facility
Chris Blackburn - Goforth Elementary
Laurie Briggs — Seabrook Intermediate
Carol Brunson — Ross Elementary
Mark Caruth — Falcon Pass Elementary
Mary Caruth — Armand Bayou Elementary
Cristina Casaburri — Seabrook Intermediate
Andrea Cash — Clear Creek High School
Kelly Chapman — Bauerschlag Elementary
Robin Cox — Bauerschlag Elementary
Bobbie Crawford — Victory Lakes Intermediate
Janine Davis — Wedgewood Elementary
Jackie Grigar — Brookside Intermediate
Nancy Gruener — Gilmore Elementary
Christi Guenther — Ward Elementary
Lisa Hardcastle — Learner Support Center
Janet Hawes — Clear Creek Intermediate
Michael Hays — Westbrook Intermediate
Christine Haynes — Wedgewood Elementary
Olga Hernandez De Cano — Mossman Elementary
Molly Herring — Clear Creek High School
Sheila Hines — Clear Lake City Elementary
Rebecca Hoffman — Clear View High School
Virginia Hughes — Education Support Center
Shirin Jalufka — Ward Elementary
Susanne Joosten — Weber Elementary
Janet Larsen — Seabrook Intermediate
Kathryn Lilly — Clear Lake High School

Julia Little — Westbrook Intermediate
Kristina May — Robinson Elementary
Lisette McClung — Clear Springs High School
Cheryl Miller — Clear Lake High School
Irene Montag — Landolt Elementary
Judy Monteith — McWhirter Elementary
Bill Newcome — Transportation
Mary Ochoa — Transportation
Elvira Olivetti — Landolt Elementary
Lori Otto — Space Center Intermediate
Joseph Peacock — Victory Lakes Intermediate
Jamie Perry — Hyde Elementary
Terri Plante — Clear Creek High School
Deana Richardson — Clear Creek High School
Teresa Ritter — Education Support Center
Jamie Roberts — Bauerschlag Elementary
Freemona Ross — Clear Creek High School
Tammy Russ — Clear View High School
Becky Russell — Ward Elementary
Craig Russell — Ward Elementary
Carla Ryan — North Pointe Elementary
Judy Sanders — Falcon Pass Elementary
Patricia Sekula — Whitcomb Elementary
Cynthia Short — Learner Support Center
Katherine Smith — Galveston-Brazoria Cooperative for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Christine Solomon — Creekside Intermediate
Leigh Sorrell — Bauerschlag Elementary
Patricia Stockman — Seabrook Intermediate
Catherine Wampler — Clear Creek Intermediate
Frances Weeks — Bauerschlag Elementary
Robert Wooldridge — Clear Creek High School
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