2019 State Accountability Ratings

2019 State Accountability Ratings Released
Posted on 08/15/2019
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The Clear Creek Independent School District once again outperforms the state average on all academic, graduation, and college and career readiness indicators as outlined in the Texas Education Agency’s 2019 accountability results. “As I often have said, we utilize the State’s ever-changing accountability system as just one indicator to guide our continuous improvement efforts,” said Dr. Greg Smith, Superintendent of Schools. “I am proud of the work of our students and teachers as they are the heart of our collective success.” 


In the newly released A-F rating system, 36 of the 43 CCISD schools were issued an A or B, six issued a C, and Clear View High School received a D. Clear View High School is an alternative to a traditional high school for approximately 200 students who are at-risk of graduation for varying personal reasons. “It is a wonderful learning environment, intentionally designed to provide each student the academic, social and emotional support to get back on track, graduate, and go on to a college, a career or the military. And they do.” said Dr. Smith. “It is an A+ school, and our community knows it.”  To view the TEA ratings, click here


Overall, the school district earned a 91% when calculating the three domains of student achievement, school progress and closing the gaps. However, due to an arbitraryrule added in July 2019 by the Texas Commissioner of Education, no school district can earn higher than a B if one or more schools earn an overall grade lower than a C no matter what the size of the student population. In this case, Clear View had less than 200 students that figured into their score but it impacted the overall score of a district with 42,000 students.“The District’s estimated 2019 overall rating of B (89) is an arbitrarily capped score due to Clear View High School receiving an overall D. Without the new capping rule, the District’s calculated overall rating would be an A (91),” said Dr. Megan Evans, Executive Director of Assessment and Evaluation.  


“In my eyes and in the eyes of our community, Clear Creek ISD is a high performing school district where each child is given the support to reach his or highest academic potential,” said Dr. Smith.  “We earned the 91 not the 89, nevertheless, we will not allow a single letter grade to define us and there are a lot more vital signs to consider just like a pilot who is flying an airplane. We plan on appealing the Commissioner’s arbitrary ruling and would like to help him reconsider his capricious position because in very few organizations in this democracy do you penalize organizations who have worked hard, excelled and done so without sacrificing core values.”  


Clear Creek ISD has been on the leading edge of developing a Community-Based Accountability System which measures student success beyond the state assessment. Read the 2018 report here

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