Space Center Intermediate Hosts “You, Me and the Rotary” Day

Space Center Intermediate Hosts “You, Me and the Rotary” Day
Posted on 04/30/2019
SCI Rotary DayThere was something noticeably different about the school spirit events held throughout the day at Space Center Intermediate (SCI) on April 26, 2019. There were no administrators at the helm. During the “You, Me and the Rotary” day of celebration, it was the students who conceived of and carried out the special day to recognize their Leader In Me benefactor, the Space Center Rotary Club, and bring Cardinal families together for a good old fashioned movie night.

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From the day’s program themes and invitation design, to the selection of the motivational speaker and movie choice, Cardinals took charge of the day of celebration, with a sprinkle of support and guidance from Principal Ann Thornton and Counselors Kristina Ford and Dawn Wisnoski.

At the heart of both the pep rally and movie night was a sincere sentiment of appreciation to the Space Center Rotary Club who recently committed $60,000 over five years to bring The Leader In Me to Space Center Intermediate. SCI is completing its first year imbedding The Leader In Me program into the school culture. Rotarians accepting special student gifts of appreciation on behalf of the club were John Branch, Michael Porterfield, Deborah Laine, Gary Renola and Raymond Moore.

At the pep rally held before the end of the early release day and in front of the entire student body, leaders took turns sharing their most influential habit, from The Leader In Me signature 7 Habits, as well as the reasoning. Daliris Viera Negorn, a sixth grader at SCI, shared that her go-to habit was Habit 6, “Synergize.” “Synergizing is working together to achieve something that everyone wants,” said Negorn. “You can’t be selfish and only think of your wants or opinions; you must be kind and include your group. We synergized as a group to create this presentation, everyone added their ideas to make this presentation happen.”

Student organizer Allison Poole invited Barbara Gruener, author of What’s Under Your Cape? Superheroes of the Character Kind, to share a unique story of the positive impact that just one person can have. Gruener highlighted Space Center Intermediate Assistant Principal John Hobratschk,who was a Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) mentor to Greuner’s son when he was younger. She showed students that by living the 7 Habits, they never know the impact that one interaction might make.

Pep rally goers also may have noticed there was no adult conductor for the orchestra performance portion of the rally. The student musicians practiced and worked together to perform the piece in perfect pace and synchronization, without the help of their teacher as conductor.

Students selected the film Wonder for movie night, the inspiring story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time. The movie selection was made based on the film’s emphasis of important character traits like courage and kindness. After the movie was over, students presented ways that they saw the characters in the movie acting out the 7 Habits.

The Leader In Me is a whole-school transformation process that prepares students to become life-ready leaders, citing tangible improvements in the academic, behavioral and social well-being of participating students. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People serve as the foundation for The Leader In Me program. Clear Creek ISD is implementing the program in 17 campuses over five years with the help of community partners and sponsors like the Space Center Rotary Club.
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