State Board of Education Honors CCISD Elementary Student

State Board of Education Honors CCISD Elementary Student
Posted on 06/02/2017
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He may only be in 3rd grade, but Dylan Keen is a walking role model of CCISD’s Core Values which is why the youngster was presented with the prestigious Student Hero Award by the State Board of Education.

The Whitcomb Elementary student provided academic, social and physical support to a classmate with special needs throughout the school year, and did so without prompting from an adult. “He saw a classmate in need and chose to be the most kind, loving friend he could be,” said Diana Kattner, school principal. “Dylan took his friend to lunch, recess, and physical education or to special events. After lunch, he escorted her to the nurse’s office for her check-up. He made sure she was included in conversations and games and helped her with her school work.”

Only 15 students across Texas are honored with the Student Hero Award. The State Board of Education created the award to celebrate and highlight students who voluntarily perform acts of kindness that benefit their classmates, school and community. “One person can make a difference and 15 Student Heroes prove it. Their work is inspirational and uplifting” the Board of Education stated.  Barbara Cargill, the District 8 Texas State Board of Education representative, surprised Keen with the award on the last day of school.

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