League City Elementary Students Highlight Creativity At 2nd Annual Young Inventors Showcase

League City Elementary Students Highlight Creativity At 2nd Annual Young Inventors Showcase
Posted on 04/06/2017
Young Inventors Showcase

Reaghan Cleveland loves to paint her nails with bright colors and lots of glitter, but there’s one problem – she also bites her nails.

That problem is what turned into the inspiration for an invention Reaghan has named “Cake Nails,” which instead of nail polish, uses brightly-colored fondant icing and sprinkles to create a look similar to the one of nail polish that not only looks good, but tastes good too, she said.

“See? It’s good,” Reaghan said as she watched Principal Xan Wood eat her green and sprinkled cake nail.

Cleveland, a second grader at League City Elementary is one of 16 students who recently participated in the school’s second annual Young Inventors Showcase. The school’s event is part of the Houston Young Inventors Showcase, which was started in 1988 by the Houston Inventors Association.

“These kids are always coming up with little engineering pieces and projects of their own,” Wood said. “It’s incredible.”

Lexi Hernandez, a fifth grader at League City Elementary, took the struggle she had with buttoning a dress shirt and found a solution. What she created is the “Magnet Clip Shirt,” which instead of fastening the shirt closed with buttons, has small magnets in their place instead.

Destiny Benavides found a way to get the annoying flies out of her house that sometimes make their way in.

“My invention was about not killing them,” Destiny said. “They’re a part of this world too.”

It was trial and error before she perfected her invention, the “Fly Bye-Bye,” she said. First, she had an insect catcher, but that killed the flies. What ended up working was a retractable stick with fly paper attached to the end.

The school’s inaugural Young Inventors Showcase was such a success last year, that there was no hesitation of hosting it again this year, Wood said.

Last year, the showcase was open to fourth and fifth grade, but this year it was open to all students starting with Kindergarten.

The top finishers will go on to show their inventions at a Houston-area showcase, said Tammi Pickering, an instructional science coach at League City Elementary.

Last year, a fourth grader got a $5,000 scholarship for her patent and a fifth grader got her invention’s name copyrighted, she said.

“It’s incredible what these children can do,” Wood said. “They’re so innovative, creative and inspiring!”

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