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Learning Technologies

Clear Creek ISD believes technology is a powerful tool to support student learning. All students in CCISD have access to a variety of grade appropriate technology tools to help achieve, contribute, and lead with integrity. Technology is used to support learning in all grade levels. Classroom teachers are critical to student success. Technology platforms are used by teachers to supplement instruction and allows students to engage in learning anywhere and anytime.

Digital Blueprint

CCISD's Digital Blueprint will ensure families and students can successfully access, navigate, and interact with the digital programs and tools that are available.

The guidance the teacher provides in the classroom along with technology will provide the support students need for learning in this digital time. This collaboration ensures that students and parents will be provided the guidance and resources needed to support their child’s learning opportunities.

Contact and Support

To submit a support ticket, parents or students will log into the CCISD Single Sign-On Portal (using your student username and password) and select "TopDesk Self-Service". 

Your request will be routed to a CCISD technician that will contact you via your student email to provide remote support.

Education Tools

Learn about all the technology tools available in CCISD