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Community engagement in all matters education

For more than 10 years, INSIDE CCISD has provided a unique opportunity for parents and community members to learn about the Clear Creek Independent School District. Through lunch and learn meetings, participants meet District leadership, staff and students and go behind the scenes of CCISD’s infrastructure, programs and services, and exchange ideas about the challenges and opportunities for improvements.

INSIDE CCISD Community Engagement in All Matters Education

INSIDE meets once every month of the school year (usually from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.), at various District sites and schools for a firsthand look at key programs and District operations. Through a combination of speakers, presentations and tours, participants get a 360-degree vantage point of the high-performing school district. The first session for the Class of 2023 is planned for this September. 

INSIDE CCISD graduates are challenged to become leaders and advocates for the District, to volunteer for service on committees and task forces, to speak up when misinformation is circulating, and to encourage other parents and community members to get informed and involved. The goal for class membership is to have equal and diverse representation from around the District.

INSIDE CCISD Class of 2022

Congratulations and Thank You to the INSIDE CCISD Class of 2022

Abraham Gallagher
Andrea Segraves
Amber Patrick
Angel Webb
Kat Clemons
Christina Sava
Cynthia Butcher
Deeann Duckworth
Jennifer Mason
Julia Gallagher
Judith Bailey
Katherine Mason
Kristi Trevino
Kristin Edwards
Laurie Weaver
Mark Fletcher
Mark Mills
Megan Dodd
Melinda Mintz
Michael Creedon
Michele Cummings
Michele Cummings
Michele Klages
Paula Hutchins
Robert Martin
Roxann Zamora
Scott Stillman
Shannon Sobkowiak
Shari Sweeney
Zarana Shavers

INSIDE CCISD Class of 2022-2023 Registration

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Getting to go "inside" the school district helped me better understand so many aspects of our entire school system. It was wonderful to be able to meet remarkable teachers, students and District leadership who make decisions that shape our future leaders."

Ava G. Sloan, INSIDE Class of 2021
The Rotary Club of League City, Past President

Engage with INSIDE CCISD

The INSIDE CCISD class meets once a month usually from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., starting in September and ending in May at the conclusion of the school year. 

How can I participate?

The application window opens in the summer for that school year's program, and closes in August once the full class is formed. The application for the Class of 2022 is now closed, however interested individuals may submit their information below to be placed on a waiting list for the next year's program. 

Want to learn more?

Please contact Eva deCardenas in the Office of Communications at 281-284.0029.