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High School

Explore Your Potential. Excel in Your Future.

At Clear Creek ISD, we encourage our students to set high goals and prepare themselves to be successful citizens. This is a place where your student will refine their love for life-long learning and a future of success to keep our nation strong and our economy competitive in the worldwide market. We are honored to play an important role in this educational journey.

To help navigate your student’s educational journey, CCISD provides access to a wide range of decision-making tools to help select courses that stimulate and inspire them to reach their dreams. We also encourage you to talk with counselors, teachers, principals, and other administrators to help customize the path forward. The talented team at Clear Creek ISD can assist to make choices that are in your best interest—to reap the highest benefits from your studies and experiences while on our campuses.

Education is Personal in CCISD

In our schools, students are exposed to rigorous learning opportunities and curricula that transcend state and national standards. We employ master teachers as curriculum writers. These curriculum coordinators work with teams of teachers every day to build engaging and personalized lessons for students. Whether students work in teams or individually, every minute in the classroom is purposeful.