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The Galveston-Brazoria Cooperative for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (GBCDHH) is a cooperative of nine school districts: Alvin ISD, Clear Creek ISD, Dickinson ISD, Friendswood ISD, Galveston ISD, Hitchcock ISD, Pearland ISD, Santa Fe ISD, and Texas City ISD. 

GBCDHH, in partnership with its member districts, provides a continuum of services for students with a variety of needs related to a student's hearing loss.  All services are determined by the ARD Committee and based on the student's individual need. 


The mission of the Galveston-Brazoria Cooperative for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the innovative leader in deaf and hard-of-hearing education, is to ensure that each student develops effective communication modalities and becomes an independent, productive citizen with unlimited potential through a system distinguished by

  • evidence-based practices;
  • purposeful collaboration;
  • modern assistive technology;
  • access to resources, supports, and specialized services; and
  • personalized learning experiences across academic and social settings.

Our Communication Philosophy

The GBCDHH employs total communication including: sign language, oral language, visual/picture supports, and language facilitation strategies. When determining individualized instructional programming, GBCDHH utilizes current evaluation data while honoring the communication mode selected by the parent(s).

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Campbell Elementary Campus
6605 W. League City Parkway, League City, TX 77573




Referrals for Alvin ISD, Pearland ISD, Friendswood ISD

Referrals for Clear Creek ISD, Dickinson ISD, Galveston ISD, Hitchcock ISD, Santa Fe ISD, Texas City ISD

Services and Technology Available 

The following are examples of the different services offered:

Site-Based Services: This is a site-based program where students who need intensive instruction (especially in communication) and smaller class sizes that provide access to total communication attend a campus within Clear Creek ISD on a daily basis. GBCDHH site-based programs are currently offered in Clear Creek ISD at Campbell Elementary, Creekside Intermediate, and Clear Springs High School.

Itinerant Services: Certified deaf education teachers provide direct services to students at the child's home campus. Teachers concentrate on the development of language, communication skills, and self-concept so that each child makes progress in their educational setting.

Indirect Services: Certified deaf-education teachers and/or audiological staff provide indirect services on behalf of deaf and hard of hearing students that includes but is not limited to: consultation with teachers/staff, instructional support and accommodations, assistive technology support, parent support, monitoring of IEP progress.

Parent/Infant Services: Services are provided to infants from birth to three years of age by certified deaf education teachers in cooperation with GBCDHH, Spindletop, and BACH ECI. Teachers focus on early and intensive auditory stimulation to facilitate growth of auditory, language, and speech skills along normal developmental lines.

Audiological Services: These include audiological testing, routine hearing aid maintenance, ear-mold impressions and fitting, provision of assistive listening devices, and failed hearing screening follow-ups.

For additional information on the provision of services to students with hearing impairments, please contact us at 281-284-0350.

Eligibility for Services under Special Education

As a student who is Deaf or hard of hearing, a student (0-21 years old) must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a hearing impairment that is so severe that the child is impaired in processing linguistic information through hearing, with our without amplification, and that adversely affects the child's educational performance, or
  • Have a hearing loss, whether permanent or fluctuating, that adversely affects the child's educational performance.
  • Have an educational need for specially designed instruction as determined by a multidisciplinary team based on a review of information provided by:
    • An otological examination and
    • An audiological examination and
    • A communication assessment addressing the implications of the hearing loss for the student's hearing in a variety of circumstances.

Eligibility for Services Under Section 504

As a student who is Deaf or hard of hearing, a student enrolled in public school may be eligible for accommodations.  The student needs a current audiological examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my child has hearing loss or I suspect he/she has hearing loss?

Contact GBCDHH at 281-284-0350 or contact your child’s school nurse.

My child failed the school hearing screening, what is the next step?

Follow up with your school nurse or pediatrician.