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The Clear Creek Independent School District strives to meet a high standard for financial transparency. The District has been recognized by state, national and international organizations for strong stewardship of tax dollars along with efficient budgeting and financial reporting practices.

CCISD Annual Budget Process

Budgets for the General Fund, Debt Service Fund and Child Nutrition Fund must be included in the official district budget. These budgets must be prepared and approved at least at the fund and function levels to comply with the state’s legal level of control mandates. The District budget must be adopted by the Board of Trustees no later than August 31.

2023-24 Proposed Budget

Financial Transparency


Unclaimed Property

Clear Creek ISD is required to report unclaimed property (checks) to the Texas Comptroller. This page contains information regarding unclaimed checks, written by Clear Creek ISD, with values of $100.00 or less and with values greater than $100.00 that are less than 3 years old.

After 3 years, unclaimed checks over $100.00 are sent to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and must be claimed through the state website. For additional information, click here to go to the Texas Unclaimed Property Website.

Please click on the link listed below to view Clear Creek ISD’s listing of unclaimed property. If you find your name or that of your business on any of the categories below, please complete the claim form provided below. If you have any questions, please call (281) 284-0190.