Committee Charges and Guidelines

General Overview

The purpose of the School Start Time Advisory Committee (SSTAC) is to determine if changes are necessaryfor elementary, intermediate, and high school start times for the 2020-21 school year.  


The SSTAC shall examine potential school start times as well as related challenges associated with modifications of existing start times and if necessary, recommend new school start times to the Board of Trustees which: 

  • Maximize student safety;
  • Maximize learning opportunities;
  • Make efficient use of resources;
  • Consider available research and data; and
  • Consider constructive public feedback.  


The guidelines are the following:

  • Safety: Ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment.
    1. Consider all aspects of student supervision before and after school.
    2. Examine available data/research on student growth, development, and social emotional learning.
    3. Consider the unique needs of students receiving specialized educational programming.
  • Achievement: Maximize opportunities for students to achieve their full potential.
    1. Consider academic programs, extracurricular programs and all available programmatic information.
    2. Examine the wide variety of specialty opportunities available to students.
    3. Examine the impact on student homework 
    4. Examine the impact on student employment.
  • Efficiency: Make efficient use of resources.
    1. Consider impact of recommendations on personnel and facilities.
    2. Consider cost of recommendations on transportation.
  • Service: Meet community needs.

School Start Time Advisory Committee (SSTAC) Membership

The District will widely communicate the posting of the application to all parents and community. This membership application will be posted for ten days. Following the closing of the SSTAC application, all applicants will be sorted according to their address/attendance zone of children and/or category of membership. 

The SSTAC shall be composed of 38 members as follows: The parent membership composition of SSTAC is 5 parents of a high school student from each comprehensive high school attendance zone, 5 parents of an intermediate student from each high school attendance zone, and 5 parents of elementary students from each high school attendance area; for a total of 15 parent representatives.

Additional members shall include 7 high school students each representing one of the district’s seven high schools. Community-based membership, shall include 4 representatives of the medical and/or mental health community, who may or may not be parents of District students.  Staff membership shall include representation from principals (3), teachers (3), bilingual/ESL (1), counseling and student services (1), special education (1), transportation (1), fine arts (1) and athletics (1).  

Dates/Timeline for School Start Time Advisory Committee

August 29, 2019: Draft SSTAC Charges and Guidelines shared with trustees

September 4-19, 2019: SSTAC membership application posted

September 20, 2019: SSTAC membership drawing

September 24, 2019: SSTAC Meeting 1

October 1, 2019: SSTAC Meeting 2

October 8, 2019: SSTAC Meeting 3

October 15, 2019: SSTAC Meeting 4

October 22, 2019: Public Hearing

October 29, 2019: SSTAC Meeting 5 to consider public feedback

November 11, 2019: SSTAC recommendation presented to Board at Workshop

November 18, 2019: SSTAC recommendation presented to Board at Regular Meeting

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