Legislative Priorities

Galveston County Schools

Galveston County Schools Consortium

2018 - 2019 Legislative Priorities

School Safety

  1. Establish and fund a School Safety Allotment per student for Texas public schools, which will provide school districts with the resources to meet local safety needs or provide local school districts the flexibility to increase the Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate by two pennies to pay for critical safety improvements without a Tax Rate Election.


  2. Reduce the required ten (10) fire drills in a school year to eight (8), and subsequently mandate a minimum of two (2) lockdown drills per school year.


  3. Enforce the ban on the sale of e-cigarettes, vape paraphernalia, vape cartridges, and pods of any kind to persons under the age of 18 and increase the penalties against the owners of such establishments.


School Accountability and Student Assessment

  1. Adopt a community-based accountability system that places more emphasis on local accountability and better reflects the diversity of Texas school districts and the values by each community rather than the current misleading A-F school rating system.


  2. Eliminate state assessments not required by federal law and prohibit state assessments from serving as the primary indicator of school, teacher or student performance.


School Finance

  1. Adopt an adequate and equitable school funding system that reduces the state’s overreliance on recapture and property value increases while providing sufficient funding to meet federal, state and local standards.


  2. Fund full day pre-K programs for all students regardless of eligibility requirements.


  3. Increase state funding of TRS-ActiveCare and TRS-Care so that the benefits for and contributions from district employees are equivalent to state employees under the Employee Retirement System of Texas.


  4. Oppose any state voucher plan, tax credits, taxpayer savings grants, tuition reimbursements, or any program that diverts public tax dollars to private entities, homeschool students, or parents with no academic or financial accountability or transparency to the state, taxpayers, or local communities.



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