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Win WeberWinifred "Win" Weber | District 2 Incumbent

Please share some background about you and your interest in serving on the Clear Creek Independent School District Board of Trustees.

I am an aunt to two nieces, two nephews and a mother of two children who graduated from Clear Creek ISD. Between them, they have attended McWhirter Elementary, Falcon Pass Elementary, Robinson Elementary, Space Center Intermediate, Clear Lake High School, Clear Creek High School and Clear Horizons Early College High School. As my children progressed through the District I became deeply involved in campus activities and am eager to continue my service.

I am serving my 10th year as trustee for the CCISD School Board. It is the most rewarding volunteer job I have ever had. My sole ambition in this position is to make the lives of children better which, in turn, strengthens ourcommunity.

Through my professional work I have developed a deep belief that a robust public education system is the best opportunity we have to grow healthy, contributing adults.

I am a former prosecutor who has worked closely with survivors of violence, a former special drug prosecutor and I have provided continuing education for peace officers and training for women’s shelter hot line workers.  I am a criminal defense lawyer and Associate Judge for the cities of both Nassau Bay and Kemah. I teach Criminal Law and Procedure and Mock Trial to undergraduate students at the University of Houston, Clear Lake. I attend annual continuing education through the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center. October 2019 I attended Legal Professional Trauma Training sponsored by Texas Lawyers for Children, and in March 2020 received training in Trust Based Relational Intervention, TBRI, for lawyers.

My parents and grandparents taught me to commit to serving my community through their own service examples. I hope to do the same for my children.

List your participation in CCISD schools and/or District parent clubs, community and civic involvement, etc.

I served as trustee for the Clear Creek ISD, Board of Trustees from 2008-2017 and from July 2019 to date. On the school board I have held the offices of Secretary, Vice President and President. As a board member, I have completed many hours of training and have served on the following committees: Policy, Finance; Legislative; Executive; Student Health Advisory; Bay Area Houston Partnership, Education; and, Clear Creek Education Foundation.

I was Second Vice President and President of Robinson Elementary PTA the first two years Robinson opened. One goal was to create an atmosphere where parent participation was more dearly valued than an open checkbook. Another goal was to create campus events that created a safe space for families to spend time together without cost such as a catered style show featuring campus students and administration dignitaries; a fall festival with a live country band; and, a P.E. Night for parents and children to play active games together. A third goal those early Robinson years was to choose service projects which were useful to every student and employee on that campus such as expanding our library collection with thousands of dollars in new books and building a bird and butterfly demonstration garden and teaching theater that was wheelchair accessible.

I am a former Secretary and President of Clear Creek High School Orchestra Booster Club.

I am a member of Nassau Bay Garden Club and have been for more than twenty years. I have participated in various volunteer roles through City of Nassau Bay activities such as Beautification Day and Nauticats summer swim team and I served as a board member of Aquanauts of Clear Lake, synchronized swim team Booster Club where I remain a volunteer.

Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?

During my years of training and service on the Clear Creek ISD Board I have gained a deep understanding of the role of the school board. I will work within that role to further an atmosphere of growth. We will never complete our work until every CCISD student reaches their fullest potential, realizing personal success.

Through my work as a lawyer, associate judge and board member I have learned to greatly value a fair process. I want to make sure our students, parents and employees have a voice that is heard. We are here to serve your students. When something does not work, I want to know about it.

I have begun post trauma and TBRI, (Trust Based Relational Intervention), training for lawyers. The focus of this training is to effectively support those with emotional needs, emphasizing connectedness. It is imperative to ensure an effective system is in place to identify and support those who need it.

In your opinion, what role do trustees play in affecting student success?

Every year Trustees work with the superintendent to set student success goals. The goals we set reflect priorities of our community. Trustees continuously review progress and then make a final review of each goal. If a goal is not met we identify the reasons why and set the next steps. This process drives a cycle of student improvement.

The Community Based Accountability Report is a very useful tool for goal setting and accountability. Information I get directly from parents and students is a wonderful help as well.

What critical challenges face the District, and what are possible solutions to address those issues?

We are at the beginning of a world health crisis. Bold District leadership will get us through it.  The District constantly prepares to manage any emergency.  Best practices are followed which include gathering expert data in a crisis, making decisions, putting solid plans into action and getting that information out to everyone. The District has a history of meeting this challenge on a large scale with flooding and on an intimate scale with tragedies hitting individual campus families. We are in constant planning and drill to foresee emergency events and to take timely action for the safety of all.

Another critical challenge is to make sure that every student feels connected, valued and safe. A student with a sense of belonging is ready to learn. The District is working on a six prong system embedded in the new Strategic Plan to meet this challenge. This new system hinges on the fact that students have different needs and gifts.

When I think of different ways students learn, for example, I think about how the use of technology in the classroom has added a rich experience of learning for many students. However, I am very aware that traditional classroom learning has great value. I would not like to be handed a textbook or a website on World History without a teacher to bring the material to life.

A continuing challenge is managing resources responsibly. It pleases me that we were able to reduce the tax rate by nine cents this year. That is the largest tax cut in nearly thirty years.

Going forward, the District must persist to find creative solutions that will reduce costs or self-fund some of the rising costs of health care in a way that provides best health practices for District employees.

Please provide campaign website and/or contact information. 

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