Student Transfers

Intra-District Transfer Guidelines

The Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) is committed to the neighborhood school concept. Where a student resides determines the schools he or she will attend. Any student, kindergarten through twelfth grade, who wishes to attend a CCISD school outside of his/her school attendance zone must complete an Intra-District Transfer Request and obtain District approval to change schools.

District approved intra-district transfers only apply for the approved school year. Parents are required to renew an intra-district transfer request annually and approval is contingent on space availability and student academic and disciplinary records. 

Procedures for Intra-District Transfer Request

The transfer request must be completed online by clicking the link below. Parents requesting an intra-district transfer must complete the form. Transfer requests must be approved by the principals of the home and receiving schools and the superintendent’s designee before a student may change schools. A condition of every approved transfer is the requirement the student maintain prompt and regular attendance, that the student maintain good behavior, and that there is space available at the receiving campus.

The District may delay a decision when the District determines a delay is necessary to properly consider relevant information, enrollment projections and operational needs.


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