Extended School Year Services

What are extended school year services?

Extended School Year (ESY) services are available, through CCISD, to all children with disabilities. By definition, they extend beyond the normal school year and are consistent with the child's individualized education program, or IEP, at no cost to the child.

ESY services are provided according to the student’s educational needs and do not prevent other public agencies in continuing to provide care and treatment even when those services are similar to those in the child's IEP. No child will be denied ESY services because he/she receives care and treatment services from other agencies.

How is a need for ESY services determined?

The Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee decides whether a child needs extended school year services on a case-by-case basis. If needed, each school district must make sure that services are available as necessary to provide free appropriate public education. If the district does not propose ESY services for discussion at the annual review of a child's individualized education program, the parents may request that the ARD committee discuss the possibility of providing them.

The ARD committee will use formal and/or informal evaluations provided by CCISD or the parents to decide whether ESY services are needed. For a child enrolling in the school district during the school year, information from the previous school as well as information collected during the current year may be used to make that determination.

What is severe or substantial regression?

Severe or substantial regression means that the child has been, or will be, unable to maintain one or more acquired critical skills if he/she is not using ESY services.

Sometimes, students may experience severe and substantial regression in their development after the school year ends. The ARD committee must identify the critical areas addressed in the child’s current IEP in which the child has exhibited, or may be expected to exhibit, this type of regression that cannot be recovered within a reasonable amount of time.

What is the definition of a critical skill?

A skill is critical when the loss of that skill results, or is reasonably expected to result, in any of the following occurrences during the first eight weeks of the next regular school year:

Placement in a more restrictive instructional arrangement;
• Significant loss of acquired skills necessary for the child to appropriately progress in the general curriculum;
• Significant loss of self-sufficiency in self-help skill areas shown by an increase in the number of direct service staff and/or amount of time required to provide special education or related services;
• Loss of access to community-based independent living skills instruction or an independent living environment provided by non-educational sources as a result of regression in skills; or
• Loss of access to on-the-job training or productive employment as a result of regression in skills

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